The VORE-CODE, Version 1.5

The VORE-CODE was created by Jess over at VOR-COM as a way for voraphiles to easily list their preferences for others, in the form of a short string of characters. There is an encoder and decoder available for VORE-CODEs, or you can do the encoding/decoding by hand with the information below.

Note: VORE-CODE 1.5 is backward-compatible with VORE-CODE 1.3 and 1.4.

Some important things to note when making your VORE-CODE:

Putting your VORE-CODE together is tedious, but simple. Start off with "VC_", and add on characters (always uppercase), separating each item ("field") with an underscore ("_") character. There is no trailing underscore after the final item. Digit's VORE-CODE, for example, looks like this:


When you're done, you should have twenty-one individual fields, including the leading "VC"

Once you've finshed making your VORE-CODE, either check it by hand or run it through the handy VORE-CODE decoder to check for mistakes. Have fun!

Step 1: Start off with "VC_"

Step 2: Pick the codes for your species; you can put multiple letters here if you like, just be sure to pick at least one. After you have them all, add an underscore after the last one and go to step 3.

Step 3: Are you a shapeshifter?

Step 4: If you are a fur, are you any of the following?

Step 5: Is your character Biological?

Step 6: Size?

Step 7: Gender?

Step 8: Age?

Step 9: How much is being a fur a part of your life?

Step 10: Are you predator or prey?

Step 11: Bleeding / violence?

Step 12: Who do you prefer to yiff?

Step 13: Who do you prefer to swallow/be swallowed by?

Step 14: Is voraphilia a sexual experience for you?

Step 15: Are you into Real Life voraphilia?

Step 16: What kinds of voraphilia have you enjoyed online? (Choose all that apply):

Step 17: What kinds of voraphilia have you enjoyed in Real Life? (Choose all that apply):

Step 18: Have you met any other voraphiles in Real Life?

Step 19: Do you try to combine sex with voraphilia?

Step 20: What aspects from the following list do you enjoy? (Choose all that apply):

Step 21: And finally, the last question: What voraphilic stuff have you created? (Choose all that apply):

Ok, remember that there's no underscore ("_") at the end of the code, just your selection for step 21. You're done! Count up your fields to make sure you have twenty-one total. You can check your VORE-CODE by hand, or run it through the handy VORE-CODE decoder to check it for mistakes.

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