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The VORE-CODE was created by JESS, over at VOR-COM. The VORE-CODE is a string of characters that tells other voraphiles what interests you have related to voraphilia. This encoder works for the VORE-CODE version 1.5, and requires JavaScript. You may also find the handy-dandy VORE-CODE Decoder useful.

Note: VORE-CODE 1.5 is backward-compatible with VORE-CODE 1.4 and 1.3.

This web form will help you create a VORE-CODE that describes you. Just go through the form and check off everything that's applicable, then press the "Generate Vore Code" button at the end of the form. Your VORE-CODE will then appear in the box at the bottom of the page.

Select your species (pick all that apply):

Are you a shape shifter?
Yep, I'm as shifty as they come.
No, I'm fine just as I am.
I'm a human darn it, leave me out of this.

If you are a fur, are you any of the following?
I'm a taur and it's a bugger trying to get clothes to fit.
I 'm an anthropomorph, gotta love that opposable thumb.
I'm in my natural animal form, as nature intended..
Hello, human here, sheesh.

Are you a biological?
Nope, I'm tooney as they come.
Yep, I'm a bio, if you prick us, do we not attract predators?

I'm of normal human size or relative size for my animal form.
I'm a giant, the rumble of the earth heralds my arrival.
I'm a micro, the disruption of a small pile of dust gives my presence away.
I can alter my size.

What gender is your net self?
I'm a lady.
I grunt and scratch myself.
I'm the best of both worlds.
I choose not to answer that.

Your net age? (Just put in your age, eg. 24, or enter "I" if you choose not to answer)

Yet another for the furs. How much a part of your life is being a fur?
What do you mean? You humans always ask the oddest questions.
It's an alter ego that hide just behind my eyes and surfaces often.
I like to pretend I'm an animal or morph.
It's just something I enjoy reading about and looking at pictures of.
I'm not a fur, look see no fuz, no claws, what's wrong with you people?

Who's on top?
I'm a hunter / predator.
Just call me Joe Prey.
I'll be both, depending on the moment.

I don't like blood / bleeding.
If a little claret gets spilt along the way then it doesn't bother me.
Without the special sauce the meal is not complete.

Who do you prefer to sleep with on the net (if you do)?
Bring on the men.
Line me up some ladies.
Bring 'em all on, I'll take all comers.
I don't do that on the net.
I choose not to answer that.

Who do you prefer to swallow or be swallowed by?
Studs for supper every time.
Make mine girlies.
I believe in equal opportunity, any one's welcome to have a go.
I choose not to answer that.

Is Vore a sexual experience for you?
OOOhhhh yeah.
Sort of, I have an interest.
Not really, but I enjoy it none the less.
People get turned on by this stuff???
I choose not to answer that.

Are you into Real Life Vore?
Hang on, let me get this guinea pig out of my mouth so I can answer.
I have done it.
The thought's crossed my mind, maybe one day.
I'm not going to do it.
I think it's sick.
I choose not to answer that.

Probably the first question you may want to choose more than one answer for. Through which of the following have you enjoyed vore on the net?

Through which of the following have you enjoyed vore in Real Life?

Have you ever met another vore enthusiast in Real Life?
Um yeah, I live with one.
Yeah have met a few.
I bumped into someone I knew was into vore at a convention.
I haven't but would like to.
No thanks, I don't feel like I want to meet other vores in Real Life just now.

Do you try to combine sex of some kind with vore where possible?
Would there be any point to it if one didn't?
Only if the mood took me / us.
No it's not about sex for me.
I choose not to answer that.

Now to fine tune. These questions are asked placing you in the position of one in the act. What have you enjoyed or hope to enjoy about vore?

The mother of invention?


(If the button doesn't work, make sure you have JavaScript turned on...)

Your VORE-CODE is:

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