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For as long as I can remember, I've loved video games. And when a video game happened to have some vore content in it, it was always an added bonus. Below is a list of video games I know of that have vore in them, or that others have told me about. The list will hopefully grow over time, as I find more games to include :)

If you know of a game with vore that's missing from this list, please use the suggestion thread to let us know. Once we have reviewed your suggestion, we'll add it to the list (if appropriate.)

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Games listed: 402

AbadoxNESA shooter that takes place inside a giant creature that has swallowed the world whole.
AdventureAtari 2600Great game where you have to collect keys and other objects in a quest for the magic chalice; but beware the dragons, they will happily eat you, and you'll be stuck struggling in their bellies if they catch you. (You can struggle in a dragon belly indefinately, until you press the reset button on the console.)
Adventure IslandSNESIn the last part of the second level there is a cut-scene of the hero on a small boat. All of a sudden this HUGE whale jumps out of the water and swallows the boat and the hero in one gulp! You then have to swim through the whale's belly and battle a giant octopus before you can get out.
Adventure QuestPC/WindowsThis free online RPG has several vore refrences throughout the game. The most notable of which is a high level enemy called the Xyfrag, which is a green blob with eyes that has humans stuck in it. However, you cannot be eaten yourself.
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's ThronePC/WindowsIn this sequel to the original AOW, the Orc race has a monster called "Glutton". Whenever he scores a melee hit against any other creature he'll open his mouth wide and there is a chance they'll end up going down the 'ole trap, regardless of their health. This game also has a map editor allowing you to make all the gluttons and nymphs (or whatever other creature you'd like to see meet a horrible fate) to your heart's content.
Age of Wonders: Shadow MagicPC/WindowsThe sequel to Age of Wonders II, this game has a newrace called Shadow Demons. They have a unit called Harvester, a huge demonic insect which can swallow its enemies whole to produce larvae, worms ready to serve the hive. If Harvester is killed soon after it ate something, there is a chance that the victim is saved. The game also has the Glutton from Age of Wonders II.
Airline Tycoon EvolutionPC/WindowsContains the following vore (all is quick and only a few frames of animation): At the travel agent, a snake eats a spider; at the bank a venus fly trap eats flies; at the NASA shop, an alien (kind of like the ones in the movie Alien) eats some unfortunate thing.
AlicePC/WindowsIn Alice (In Wonderland), there are a few scenes with implied vore --several times enemies talk about how they'd like to eat you whole; one enemy even stuffs you part of the way into her mouth and chews. In another level, if you fall into some water and stay there for too long, a giant fish jumps up and swallows you whole on-screen.
Alien StormGenesisIt's a bit of a cross between a beat-'m- up and a shoot-'m-up where you have to pick one of three fighters (a male, a female and a robot) and save the Earth from invading aliens. Certain aliens can pull a fighter in their maw with their tentacles, or leap at a fighter and engulf them. In both cases you see the fighter kick and struggle a bit before they escape (losing some energy in the process.) In one of the between-level scenes, you see one of those aliens swallow a human alive and whole (very short animation.) Also, the last level starts with a giant alien pulling the fighter in with a frog-like tongue, and you are then swallowed by this mother alien and have to fight inside the alien to locate and destroy its brain, shooting up bacteria-like creatures along the way.
Alien vs. PredatorPC/WindowsWhen you play the aliens, you eat the humans face/head for sources of food, makes an unusual crunching noise...
AllivatorPC/WindowsIn this incredibly goofy game, you control a fat alligator that has to act as an elevator and move creatures from one floor to the other. As the creatures approach from the sides of the screen, you have to move the alligator into position and suck them into your belly, then spit them out on the correct floor (or out to knock other creatures out of the way.) A cute, silly game, including a stomach-cam view of the creatures you've engulfed.
Altered BeastArcade
Side-scrolling platformer in which you control an over-muscled man traveling through scary ancient Greece. On the second level, there are frog-like creatures that will jump up in the air and come down on your head, engulfing your head and upper torso; you have to shake and move quickly to get them off, or you die.
Alternate Reality: The DungeonVarious consoles
Atari XL
Early RPG with first-person graphics. Occasionally a creature called "The Devourer" would appear and start sucking everything out of your inventory as you fought it. Messages about how you were barely able to keep from being sucked in yourself were thrown up on the screen during the battle... very amusing, until it had eaten all of your best weapons and armor! As a bit of nostalgia, here are the lyrics to the song about The Devourer that was played in some of the bars in the dungeon.
AlundraPSXThere are two instances in the game where you must protect a villager from a monster that sucks everything on the battlefield, blobs, coins, the villager, and you, towards an opening in its belly. Needless to say, you can get sucked in, which results in the opening closing, a few squishy sounds being heard, and you being (unfortunately) spit out again.
Another WorldAmiga
In some creepy dungeon of Another World, two monsters eat the hero. The first is a kind of mouth laying on the ground that will trap the hero's leg. The second is a bunch of tentacles on the ceilling which will catch the hero and much him. The two ending screens is a giant mouth with a lot of fangs that munch you.
Ape EscapePSXThere is this one stage where you are on a small island, from the start of the level you can see this huge dinosaur-type lizard lying in a cave, only its head and front limbs are visible. The only way to complete the level is to hit the creature with your weapon, causing it to open its mouth - then you can then walk right in, pretty interesting depiction of a dino's insides :)
Armed and DangerousPC/WindowsIn the game, there is a weapon that launches a land-shark, that swins through the ground, and gobbles up enemies.
Fantasy RPG, there's a number of references to people being devoured by monsters, but no on-screen vore.
Baku BakuPC/Windows
Puzzle game in which you have to match up hungry animals with their favorite vegetables; when you loose, a giant lion chews your screen up.
Balloon FightGamecube
An old NES game, and also playable on Gamecube's 'Animal Crossing'. If you fly too close to the water for too long, an orange fish will jump up and grab you with its teeth.
Banjo-KazooieN64Part of the game takes place inside the body of a half-metal, half-organic fish/shark thingie.
Banjo-TooieN64In one stage you are swallowed alive by a fish and more interestingly a brontosaurous (though all you do in that is a little shooting minigame to get rid of his ulcers.)
Barbarian 2Amiga
In the first level, you meet a big creature with a long neck. If you stand in the right position it will bite your head off and swallow it. You get to watch a big lump travel down its neck... In the dungeon level, there is a creature that lurks in a hole. Sometimes when you try to jump over the hole, it will grab you in its large mouth and pull you down into the hole. Then there is some crunching sounds, and it spits out your skull.
Battle ChessVarious consoles
When the rook takes the queen, there is a great animation of the rook eating the queen, complete with her screams and crunching noises :)
Battle Chess 4000PC/WindowsHave the peasent take the bishop or another peasent, and he will suck the opponent into his snout.
Battle Chess ][PC/WindowsWhen you use a Chariot against a Knight, the Chariot will turn into a Dragon and then slowly munch on the knight, eventually consuming the knight with a nice lump down the dragon's throat to its belly... as well as spitting out what remains of the poor knight's armour
Baulder's GatePC/WindowsThe description of the Large Shield +2 is amusing. You can find it in Durlag's Tower if you have the Tales of The Swordcoast expansion pack installed.
Beach LifePC/WindowsThis nasty lil' Sim City style game has it all: sun, sea, sand and sex. You basically run a holiday resort and try and keep your customers happy. And in a lot of the resorts your holiday makers can be munched by sharks. Tastey, but not good for business!
Beavis And ButtheadSNESOn Turbo Mall, you can find snakes out of their cages... If you dont avoid them, you get eaten by them with a spiffy animation!
Bionic CommandoNESIn one of the stages later in this game, there are giant plants that pop up out of the ground and will engulf the player in a venus flytrap style "mouth.
Black And WhitePC/WindowsYou play a god. You get a Creature, an avatar-type animal, and you train and teach it to help you. It can eat villagers or livestock. It picks up the morsel, pops it in its mouth, crunches, and swallows. The game has both vore and macrophile content :)
Blaster MasterNESIn area 4 of this classic shooter, you are confronted by the "Giant Sewer Frog" boss. This boss shoots out a long tongue to try to slurp you up as it attacks... You fight a similar boss in area 7 ("Giant Lava Frog"), but it rarely uses the tongue attack.
Blinx 2Playstation 2In the air realm there is a part where the stage boss eats you after you break his shield; he slams his fork and spoon up and down, shoves the fork in the ground, and you and your helping character are pulled onto the utensil... then and the boss eats you. There is a backround change to a view inside the stomach, and a guy there tells you to shoot the crystal inside the belly. After you do that, the boss spits you out. This event happens in two player mode only.
BloodPC/WindowsThis classic horror/action game has two vorish parts. In level 4, you can kick zombie heads into an opening and closing wooden mouth to get a bonus. Also, at the start of the secret level 9, there's a similiar "mouth" and a long tunnel that looks like a throat. When you step inside, your character Caleb mutters "Over the lips, through the gums, look out tummy, here I come." The level e4m7 is called "In the Flesh" and takes place inside a body.
BloodRaynePlaystation 2Near the beginning, after clearing the Factory, once you return to the cemetery there'll be a scene where Rayne's friend Mynce gets swallowed alive and whole by one of the spider-things. The animation is exceptional, and the creature bulges quite a bit.
BombermanSaturnIn the Wild Wild West levels (world 3), there are some robotic dinosaurs that will slurp up bombs with a nice long tongue (but they won't eat your player.) At the end of the game, during the credits, watch the white board for a cute drawing of one of the dinosaurs stuffing the little yellow puffball that drives the KEPO into its mouth! In the Battle mode of the game, some stages have a special power that allows you to "eat" someone else - no animation, but the other player dissapears from the map and your character gets bigger :)
Bomberman HeroN64On Planet 3, Area 2 ("Aqua Way"), you'll notice the bones of a huge aquatic creature. As you swim close to it, the pieces will come together and it will attempt to eat you. If it does you can do the entire level (well, most of it) inside it and if you move backwards it will come back. You can repeat this as many times as you like...
Bomberman JettersGamecubeOn one level in this game, a Garden Snake boss can consume Bomberman with a nice lump going down... unfortunately, you are then spit out.
Gameboy Color
Almost every Bonk game in existence has at least one scene with that huge purple dino chewing on (but unfortunately, not swallowing) him. This includes the Nintendo version, all three TurboGrafx16 games, the two GameBoy versions... In the SNES game Super Bonk (aka Super B.C. Kid), there are enemies capable of eating Bonk, who must then get out of a mini-level taking place inside that creature (apparently leaving via the 'back exit'). Also, the last part of the second world is another such area, reached after swimming in a giant glass of juice and getting drunk by a dinosaur. After the boss, a giant bacteria, is defeated in the heart, the player is sneezed out to the moon, the next level. The innards levels feature fast movement through intestine-like tubes.
Braindead 13Various consoles
There's a few beautiful SpaceAce/Dragon's Lair style animations in this game of Lance (the hero) being swallowed by several varieties of carnivourous plants, swallowed by a large frog, chewed on by a good sized bat, getting his head bit off and swallowed by a gigantic centipede and also gulped down by a giant snake. His nemesis in the game, Fritz eats him two different ways and there's one cooking scene with one of the two witches (same scene, just mirrored and different color witch).
Breath of Fire 2SNESYour characters will go inside the body of a fat woman to eradicate the evil fat cells that are trying to kill her.
Breath of Fire 4PSXThe female lead, Nina, gets shrunk by faerie magic and gets carried off by a sparrow to its nest. Unfortunately the bird has no plans to eat her, but Nina doesn't know that... So she does what tasty females in this role usually do: plead that she isn't food and doesn't taste good!
Bubsy 3DPSXAbsolutely awful 3D platformer. There's a little vore in the animated cut scenes that are displayed when you leave the game idle, where a fish engulfs Bubsy.
In the pond level, you can be devoured by a large fish if you fall off of the lilly pads or shore and into the water. The fish will swim up to you very fast, jump up over you and on the way down grab you in its mouth, swimming off into the depths from whence it came, munching on your tender rolly polly shell.In the same level there are mosquitoes. If you don't move fast enough they will poke their nose into your head, sucking up a hefty chunk of you health. In a later level when riding on the back of a dragonfly, if you decide to fly too high a bat will swoop down, picking you off of the dragonfly, and devour you while flying back into the sky and out of view...
Cadillacs And Dinosaurs: The Second CataclysmPC/WindowsThere's a few good vore animations in this game with dinosaurs gobbling up people in cars, etc.
In this puzzle game, you control a fat chameleon through various levels, hopping on platforms and slurping up bugs, crabs and other enemies with your long tongue. But, after eating something, you have a limited amount of time before you have to poop it out or you die; the poop then careens across the stage, killing off any enemies it hits. A major part of winning this game is learning to quickly slurp up a few enemies, and take out the rest with a well-aimed projectile poop.
CarnivoresPC/WindowsHunt dinos and ice-age critters in this series. It isn't really vore, but when a predatory dinosaur catches you, it starts chewing your corpse (with excellent sounds.) The T-Rex shakes you in its mouth and beats you against the ground, but there's no swallowing. See also the sequel games, Carnivores II and Carnivores Ice Age.
Carnivores: CityscapesPC/WindowsWhen you play as the dinasoaur you recover health by eating humans, some levels require you to find a specific human and eat them.
CartovorePC/WindowsMagic the Gathering style card game, done with a vore theme. Worth checking out since it was designed to be vore!
Castlevania 64 (and Legacy of Darkness)N64Vampires (found mostly in the Villa and Castle Keep) will attempt to grab your character. If it succeeds (it usually will), you'll witness your character with it's head forced to the side, and the vampires chomping away at it, with brief splashes of blood... if you escape, you can usually get off with just some health lost... if not, you will be infected with vampirism and become a vampire at midnight (wee!)
Caveman Ugh-lympicsC=64In Dino Vault, you get swallowed whole by a T-Rex, if you don't get over it, the other option is getting thrown away naked as it eats your clothes.
Children of ManaNintendo DSIn Star Lake, Zone 3, there are Snap Dragons or also known as Pakkun Lizards. They will swallow you and spit you back out, which knocks you off balance and smacks you all over the place. The animation is similar to that a Seiken Densetsu 3, but it is used more often. Unfortunately, it does not have the same excellent SFX and time it takes for the character to be held. They get spit out after one second. You can choose between a boy, a girl, a child or a furry guy.
Chip the Chick (Freeware ROM)GameboyIn the game, you are a chicken, trying to rescue chicks from a hungry wolf. If he catches them, he gulps them down and licks his lips. There are also four bonus games: an egg catch where a wolf waits on each end to eat a chick, a tug of war game, a whack-a-mole style game, where a chick is being lured toward a hungry wolf, and a rescue game where if you fail two chicks get cooked for dinner.
Chrono CrossPSXEnormous RPG that pushes the PSX to the limits... Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger, and has some vore with monsters in battles.
Chrono TriggerSNESThere are various monsters in this RPG that will engulf a character, chew them, then spit them out.
Chu Chu RocketDreamcastA fast-paced puzzle game in which you have to direct mice to rocketships to escape the jaws of hungry cats (In the puzzle mode, some of the objectives is to feed all the mice to the cats! )
ClandestinyPC/WindowsAt the very beginning of the game, after solving the first puzzle, a video is shown of ghosts in the castle. Two of the ghosts are a large cat and rat. The cat attempts to pounce on the rat, but the rat turns around first, opens its mouth and swallows the cat. There is a bulge in the rat's throat, but the video is very quick and difficult to make out, but it can be viewed an infinite number of times.
Clay FighterSNESOne of the fighters, The Blob, has a "hold-and-punch" style move where he eats the opponent, and damage is given as the opponent struggles inside of him. The Blob also appears in the sequel game,Judgement Clay, but may not have retained the move.
Clive Barker's UndyingPC/WindowsThere's some very hard vore in this game. If you get killed by dog-like creatures called "Howlers", they rip your head off with their claws, and swallow it. Also, there are Skeletons that will rip your heart out and swallow it to finish you off. There are two types of enemies that will stab you through the chest with a tentacle and drain you to kill you. When you're battling the final boss, his stomach(?) will open, and start sucking everything in...if you get sucked in, it's instant death (But since it's a 1st person game, the perspective isn't that great.)
Command & Conquer: Red AlertPC/WindowsIn this real time strategy game, there is a unit called called "attack dog." It is mainly used to track enemy spies, but it can kill and eat any infantry unit. Short animation and not so accurate. In Red Alert 2 there is a mission when you play on the Soviet side in which commanders speak to each other and other, and speaking about enemy spies: "The only place that enemy spies can infiltrate is our faithful dogs' stomaches."
Commander Keen IV (Goodbye Galaxy)PC/WindowsOne of the levels is underwater, with the famous Dopefish, 2nd-dumbest creature in the universe. You attract little fish as you swim. The Dopefish eats those, mugs the camera, and burps... but you'll do if there are no fish around!
Congo CaperSNESIn the first stage of the game, you have to defeat a dinosaur boss (the first boss) with a small devil on top of its head. After you defeat it, the devil goes inside the dino's mouth, and you follow it. Then the next level takes place in the dinosaur's stomach. The dinosaur's belly will first show a thin throat and you have to swim in the apparently harmless digestive juices, that are deep and then you get out of the digestive juice pool and go through a short passage and plop into the dinosaur's quasi-extended stomach, with another short hole-like passage on the opposite side. When you get there you have to fight the same devil that was on the last bosses' head. (This vorish level is similar to Joe and Mac (1) last level in the dinosaur's stomach, only much shorter and less detailed.)
Conker's Bad Fur DayN64At one point in the game, you have to sit on an egg; when it hatches, a baby raptor comes out of it. Thinking that you are its mother, it will follow you about - and if it comes near an enemy... gulp! :) Later in the game, you are sent into an arena with a bunch of cavemen chasing after you. Another door will open, and an adult Raptor comes out. which you have to hypnotize so that you can ride on its back. Aside from acting as a steed, however, it gulps up four waves of six cavemen each, and bite the last one in the backside... Also, watch out for things like corn and cheese being eaten, they will cry and plead for their lives... You can play as the raptors in Multiplayer on the temple level by putting in the code "EATBOX" in the fireplace cheats section. Then, you can run around and eat all the characters you want in a death match ;)
Conker: Live and ReloadedXboxA port of the original N64 game "Conker's Bad Fur Day." All original vore scenes are intact, just in better graphics.
Contra: Hard CorpsGenesisHalfway through the game, you face the scientist that caused all the trouble. He has a carnivorous plant that he intends to throw at you, but instead, the plant breaks free and eats the scientist! Then, you have to fight it with bullets.
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventurePC/WindowsCute sidescroller from Apogee. At the end of level three, a big Venus Flytrap-type pod is in the ground. You jump in to end the level. There's a brief animation of the pod moving you around in its mouth and then swallowing. In Episodes 2 and 3, the second level of each takes place inside a creature's body, complete with music which contains beating heart and stomach acid sound effects, and plenty of organs in the background.
Crash Bandicoot 2PSXSome levels have man eating plants in them that snatch Crash and swallow him down with a slight buldge traveling down its throat.
Crash Bandicoot 3PSXIn the underwater levels there are sharks that will eat Crash, chew him up then spit out his air tank; also, there are eels that bite onto him and try to pull him in -- if they get him, you hear a 'gulp' sound and his boxers float out... On the first boss stage, after you hit the boss he jumps back and lets out some lions that will swallow Crash whole! It's better to see it at an angle, then you can watch a buldge pass through the lion :)
Croc 2PSXIn this game you have to rescue small creatures from the belly of the jungle boss. Once you hit the boss enough, one of the hapless creatures will come out, but if you don't rescue it quickly enough, it will be swallowed up by the mouth or by the boss's two tentacles with mouths on the end (a nice bulge is seen going up the tentacles.) You can go through this sequence as many times as you want, as long as you don't die. The boss won't swallow your character, unfortunately. Also in the same stage, there are lily pads that will clamp around you if you stand on them for too long.
CubivoreGamecubeBizarre game where you control a cube, in a world where all of the inhabitants are, well, cubes. You have to eat others to evolve into a more powerful form. While the graphics are nothing fabulous, the details on hunting, chomping, etc. are quite good; this game is definately worth a look, if you can find it.
Dance Dance Revolution ExtremeArcadeSurprising in a DDR game, but if your meter is low, (you're screwing up a lot) a picture of a screen-wide shark will "chomp" at you. Unfortunately, its gullet is kind of blocked by the word "danger."
Dark CloudPlaystation 2In the opening scene, the two bad guys resurrect a Dark Genie, who, on arrival says he's hungry, and looks around for a snack. Upon further inspection, he must decide he'd rather eat a person, as he then reaches out for this man, who he holds above his mouth, as his tongue sort of extends out. He drops the guy on his tongue, and slides him down his throat, and there's a little bulge, with a swallowing sound, followed by a burp, and the genie says the usual "Tasty" line or something like that. Quite good graphics throughout. Also, in order to get to the secret part of the water dungeon, you must give a small fish you buy to a big fish, who then lets you in his mouth and takes you to the other side. Unfortunately, no swallowing occurs.
Dark Forces 2:Jedi Knight Expansion -- Mysteries of the SithPC/WindowsIn one level of that game, you fight a Rancor; if you lose, a good vore animation of him swallowing you whole (with a visible lump going down its throat, too) follows.
Darkstalkers 3PSXOne stage has what looks like a lizard half hanging out of it, an animation occasionally happens as you fight that another plant starts tugging on the lizard's tail.... Also the Sasquatch has an animation where he sucks you right up into his mouth... A character named Q-Bee, will also make some comments if she wins a battle that are definitley vore-ish, such as "Yummy yum yummy, good for my tummy", and "Let's stick together until I'm full, shall we?" In one of her victory stances, she pulls out a large fork and knife, taking a step towards the defeated character.
Deception 3Playstation 2In this game you must set traps to capture and kill your enemies in various ways. The "Barracuda" trap is unlocked after taking certain paths in the game; it drops a fish on the victim's head. They stumble around a bit before the fish breaks off.
Deus ExPlaystation 2At the intro, there is a small, green bird/dinosaur monster that tips it's head back and swallows a human hand.
Devil May CryPlaystation 2A spider-like boss (Phantom) has an attack it will grab you and start smashing you into the ground. Die during this and it will then start to eat you. Also, the Shadows (shadow/dog creatures), once you defeat them, try to engulf you. If they succeed and you are at low health, they smash you on the ground twice, and explode with you inside. Finally, the last levels take place in an organic looking area, similar to the the inside of some creature's body, including digestive sounds and a large chamber with acid on the bottom as one would expect in a belly.
Devil May Cry 2Playstation 2In the graveyard (Mission 8 or 9 on Dante's disc) there is a giant moth-like boss. Larvae crawl across the ground, and if you let them, they eat you, and deal digestion damage until you burst out. When playing as Lucia, on the last level where you fight Possessed Arius he will sometimes charge up an attack that allows the "mouth" on his chest to engulf Lucia, draining her life. Also the final boss (Arius-Argosax) has a maw that sometimes snaps at Lucia, catches her and chews on her. Although he won't swallow her it's amusing to watch.
Devil May Cry 3Playstation 2Somewhere around mission 4-6, a cut-scene will show Dante falling into a flying whale-like demon's mouth. The next mission takes place inside that demon -- its stomach, intestines, etc.
Diablo 2PC/WindowsWhen reaching the Hell levels, there's a nasty creature called Regurgitator. It will eat dead enemies and then spit them at you. Very gory, but not very vorish.
Dino CitySNESIn the second level, there are dinosaur plants hanging above the level, so don't jump too high... or, rather, if you're into vore, you probably WILL want to jump that high :) REALLY good animation.
Dino CrisisPC/Windows
Some nice vore in this 3D shoot'em'up.
Dino Crisis 2PC/Windows
You can play a male or female character in this 3D shooter/platformer, and there are multiple dinosaurs and a snake that you get to fight (and in some cases get eaten by ;) ) The vore in this one is supposedly not very good compared to the original.
Disney's Extreme Skate AdventureGamecube
Playstation 2
The hyenas guarding Scar in the last Lion King level threaten you and get angry when you collide into them, saying, "Are you staying for dinner? If so, you'll be the entree!" The menacing comment by the hyenas is one of several things they say randomly, so you may have to crash into them several times to hear it. Also, you can play as both male and female kid characters, in addition to The Lion King's leads in that level. (the game stars kids who travel from the real world to the Disney movies)
Disney's Tarzan UntamedGamecubeLater in the game, there is a video showing Tarzan meeting up with the Villian and his henchman. As Tarzan gets close, the henchman pulls a vine that trips Tarzan hanging him upside down from a log over a river. After a few seconds a giant alligator jumps up and snatches all of Tarzan in its mouth.
.hack: Part 1, InfectionPlaystation 2Depending on the keywords you use, certain fields' dungeons on the outside appear to be huge gaping maws, such as a dragon, a mutated human, or a plant. The soundtrack inside is made up of sounds that you'd expect to hear inside a body, such as a heartbeat.
Drag-on Dragoon [Drakengard]Playstation 2In a scene, there are these creatures called grotesqueries that more or less eat people. They devour the elf woman, Arioch, and the rest of the hero's comrades.
Dragon Ball Z: Hyper DimensionSNES(Japan release only) There is Majin Buu who has the attack that will turn people into cookies and eat them.
Dragon LorePC/WindowsA Dungeons and Dragons style RPG. The game has a scene where, while swimming across a river, a giant pike comes up and swallows you whole. The next scene is inside the pike's belly, where you are swimming around looking for an item to help you escape.
Dragon RagePlaystation 2Cael, the dragon, can supposedly eat any of the farm animals, cows, and orcs that attack him. Unfortunately, it's more "grabs them in his jaws and gore flies everywhere."
Dragon's LaireVarious consoles
There are a number of hand-drawn cell animations in this game involving the player being devoured. This game was animated in part by Don Bluth, and the use of a CD-ROM/DVD player allows the game to have near-TV quality animation throughout. (Note: Dragon's Laire 3 is a 3D remake of Dragon's Laire, with most of the 'good' parts removed...)
Dragon's Laire 2: Time WarpVarious consoles
There are at least four snake swallowing sequences, an oversized hungry cat, and others. This game was animated in part by Don Bluth, and the use of a CD-ROM/DVD player allows the game to have near-TV quality animation throughout.
Dragonball Z: Buu's FuryunknownAfter the second/third fight with Super Buu, you get to play through a level inside his belly. Also, when fighting Majin Buu or Super Buu, he may try to use an attack (a pink beam shot from his antenna) that, if it hits your character, will briefly turn him into a random sweet, which he will then run over to and gulp down.
Dragoness Kali Of WorldPC/WindowsMarkie's point-and-click role-playing puzzle game, full of stomping and vore goodness :) A nice walkthrough built from various message board postings should help the impatient player get through the game to find the 'good' scenes.
Notice: This game only works on Windows XP; earlier versions of Windows are not compatible.
Dragoness MazePC/WindowsMarkie's second point-and-click role-playing puzzle game. There are a few bits of vore to be found amongst all of the stomping in this game, if you're patient and explore. If you have a walkthrough and would like to share it, please email us!
Note: This game is only compatible with Windows XP, not earlier versions of Windows.
Drakan: Order of The FlamePC/WindowsWhen your not flying on Arokh's back, he bites any enemy that comes near him.
Draken: The Ancients' GatesPlaystation 2During its intro sequence a monster named 'yeti' will grab and start chewing on one of its underlings.
DrakkhenSNESTowards the middle of the game when your group returns to Hordken's castle they find a shark is now swimming in the moat. If one of the members attempts to cross the bridge at the wrong time the shark will spring out and swallow them.
Duamutef's Glorious Vore RPGPC/WindowsAn action-RPG created specificly for vore (mostly WE) fans! Diablo-esque in play, lots of monsters are out to swallow you. Definately worth checking out.
Duck TalesNESIn some of the stages in this platformer have big venus flytrap plants that will engulf your player.
Duke Nukem 3DPC/BeOS
There's one monster that looks like a green blob. Once they hatch, they crawl up you and attach to your face. Then it sucks your brain out through your nose to eat.
Duke Nukem IIPC/WindowsBefore Duke went 3d. In the third level there's an earthquake. Big snakes wander around. If one gets close, it swallows you whole and you take damage until you shoot out. Also, in level 4, big plants hang from the ceiling. If you walk under them, they suck you in up to your midriff, chew, and spit out.
Dungeon Keeper IIPC/WindowsIn this 3D real-time strategy game, you have to maintain an army of minions (goblins, trolls and such) and direct them to destroy an enemy player. One of the things you have to build to keep them fed is chicken farms, and the animations when the different creatures feed are amusing, with some of them lifting up the chickens, tilting their heads back and with a mouth wide open, gulping down the chicken.
Dungeon MagicArcadeThere is an early boss that is a bog snake. It swallows you whole if it gets a chance, and you squirm in its throat before it spits you out. If you are killed while swallowed, it spits out your skeleton instead. Further into this battle, some frog-men will appear and attack the snake, and it will devour them to regain hit-points. (This game was also released under the title "Lightbringer".)
Dungeons and Dragons: HeroesXboxFairly good Vore scene at the end of the Fire level, though you don't get to see an entire body being swollowed -- a red dragon tears and swollows a character's arm.
Dungeons and Dragons: Towers of DoomArcadeThis game has a huge red dragon you have to fight. It can pick a character up in its jaws and munch on them. (It appears again in the sequel Shadow Over Mystra.)
Earthworm JimSNESAt the end of the first level, Jim and Bob the Goldfish prepare to fight. The screen flashes the word "Fight" in a sort of Mortal Kombat-ish kind of way and Jim pulls Bob out of his fish bowl and eats him. Its not exactly vore, but it's definitely worth a laugh :)
Ecco II: The Tides of TimeGenesisIn the level called "The Hungry Ones" there is a metasphere that transforms you into a shark which allows you to go on a fun feeding frenzy eaiting jellyfish and even other sharks. The final stage - excluding the bonus Epilogue after that - sees you fighting the Vortex Queen once again, she sucks in quite frequently and occasionly lashes out her forked tongue, get snared and she swallows you with a kind of gulping sound. The 'stomach' is more synthetic (machine-like) than anything else.
Ecco The DolphinGenesisWhen fighting the final boss, he will start to suck things up -- and if you don't swim fast enough, you'll get sucked in (you can see yourself in its mouth as it chews, but it's not very graphic at all - no gulping or swallowing.)
Ecco The Dolphin 3DDreamcastCute game in which you play the role of a magical dolphin in a free-roaming 3D universe. You can glup down fish in passing schools, with a wonderful slurping noise.
EetsPC/Windows"A fun combination of Lemmings and Incredible Machine", Eets is a puzzle game where you control little creatures, making them eat different things to change their behavior.
Emperor: Battle for DunePC/WindowsThis is a real-time strategy game, in which the player has to collect "spice" and defeat his opponents on the desert planet "Dune". This planet is also inhabitated by huge sandworms, which love to gulp down whole armies of the invaders. The player can also ally with the Fremen, the native people of Dune, which can produce Wormriders... Then the player himself is able to control a Worm and feed him with his poor opponents. (The game is actually a sequel to Dune2000 (PC & PSX), Dune2 (PC and various consoles) and Dune (PC). In these games you also have the man-eating sandworms.)
Eternal ChampionsSEGA CDOne hidden fighter was a snake, called Slither, that has the one great move where you can hop over your oponent, engulfing them as you go down, then the opponent struggles inside you a bit before they are spit out... Also, if you finish your oponent on the left edge of the screen, they'll suddenly be dragged off... then a moment later a t-rex comes off the side, the opponent's legs hanging out as it swallows them down :) (this is also in the cart form of the game.)
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's RequiemGamecubeClose to the end of the game in the third to last chapter, called "The War to End All Wars", you play a character named Peter Jacobs and he is in a French cathedral that has been converted into a field hospital for wounded soldiers, during WWI. The boss at the end of the chapter is a really evil guy called the black guardian and he is basically a giant bloody sandworm monster woth lobster claws. When you fight him, if you are far away from him, after he shoots missle type energy beams, he will stick his tounge out like a frog and you'll stick to it; if you don't struggle, you will be eaten!
Evil Dead: RegenerationPlaystation 2
About a third of the way through the game, you'll come upon a creature called a Soul Eater. It's basically a big, one-eyed head monsterish type creature. You'll then be told that you need to feed it three spirits in order to appease it, and therefore be able to pass through the pathway that he's blocking. You feed the Soul Eater by bringing Sam, your sidekick, to a spirit, having it enter Sam's body, then bringing him to the Soul Eater, and kicking Sam into the creature's mouth. The Soul Eater will, of course, glomp over and devour Sam with little hesitation. You can keep doing this even when Sam doesn't have a spirit in him, just by constantly kicking him into the Soul Eater's mouth.
EVO: Search For EdenSNESThe point of the game is to start out as a simple life form (fish) and then evolve throughout the ages in your search for Eden. There a countless combinations and species you can up with. You can end up as either a highly advanced mammal, a human or even a bird depending on how you guide your evolution. There are hidden evolutions that you can get through special crystals that are hidden in some levels. You can even turn into a dragon! :) Thing is, everything wants to have you for dinner in this game -- and vice versa. It's fun starting out as the prey to just about everything that moves (when the game starts, you'll be doing a lot of sneaking around) and when you've eaten enough enemies (yes, that's how you get stronger...) you can choose to evolve certain aspects of your self, eventually becoming the predator and getting vengance on them for trying to eat you! :) The game is fun, even though it's not explicit vore. You attack your enemies by chomping on them, and when you beat them you get to either chomp up whats left using your regular bitting attack or use this cute little gulp animation (he smiles when he does it :) ) to eat them. Remember: if it moves, it's edible -- and that includes you!
ExterminationPlaystation 2When you meet the mutated dogs (not the gigantic one) and it drinks from the infected water, it will tranform into a bigger form. Let it jump on you and it will put most of your head in its mouth, and try too yank it off. (When you die, however, you just fall.)
Fatal FantasyPC/WindowsIf you're playing the game on "ultra" mode (code for this is on TatsuSoft webpage), near the very end of the game you're eaten by a croc, and you play through an extra level trying to escape.
Feeding FrenzyPC/WindowsYou play one of several types of fish, depending on your level, and have to eat enough at each level to advance while not being eaten in the process.
Feel The Magic: XY/XXNintendo DS(Also released as Project Rub in Euorpe.) The game starts out with you having to get goldfish out of someone's stomach, with later difficulties including smaller, faster fish and slower turtles. Also, more interestingly, you're eaten by a massive snake in one of the minigames, and you have to swim your way out while avoiding digestive juices.
Final Fantasy IINESSome time durring the game, when trying to get into a tower, a massive sea snake named Leviathan will come out of the water and swallow the entire boat whole, characters and all.
Final Fantasy 3SNES(Final Fantasy 6 in Japan release, 3 in USA release.) There are enemies in this RPG called "Hoovers" in the triagnle islands of the second world that will suck up players.
Final Fantasy VIIPC/Windows
There is an enemy in this beautiful 3D RPG named "Hungry" - it will cast Mini on you (shrinks a character), then on the next turn cast "Eat", which involves eating the shrunken character and licking its lips. Note: "Hungry" will never eat the last character standing.
Final Fantasy VIIIPSXAfter you draw Eden from either the Ultima Weapon or the Taimat, you can learn a special move called 'Devour.' When used, the player runs up to the selected enemy and the screen flashes "CENSORED. PLEASE WAIT..." which is normally accompanied by some gut-chruning sound effects.
Final Fantasy IXPSXOne of your main characters, Quina Quen, eats EVERYTHING. Alive. If you come across a bird called "Zuu" (they're pretty common in some areas), you might witness it using a "swallow" attack... Removing one of your characters from the fight by picking him/her up in its beak and tossing its head back with a *gulp*-like sound effect :) Also, the Eidolon (summon monster) Atomos (who's essentially just a big mouth with a black hole for a throat) is seen in one FMV sucking up the best part of a large city.
Final Fantasy XPlaystation 2Has some vore the enemies called Sand Worms in the desert section has an attack where they swallow the last character that hit them then in 5-6 turn use a regurgitate attack. Early in the game you are engulfed by a huge living thing called Sin. Not long after that, you're nearly swallowed by an aquatic monster called Geosgaeno. Also, you'll be inside Sin near the end of the game. ... The Great Malboro in the Omega Ruins also attacks a character by sucking them into its mouth, chewing and spitting them out. Near the end of the game, you can return to the place where the Geogeanso tried to eat you. You will battle it using Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka. For one of its attacks, it will suck a character into its mouth. You can see your character between its ribs. If your character has a turn while inside, you get a trigger command called "struggle". Whe he finally spits the character out, he deals explosive damage, ussually KO'ing the character.
Final Fantasy X-2Playstation 2Near the beginning the game atop the ruins of Mt. Gagazet you encounter a large psuedo-arachnid named Boris. Occasionally he will extend his neck to scoop up one of your characters in his huge maw, shakes his head about whilst chewing a bit before spitting them out unfortunately.
Food ChainApple/MacPuzzle game in which you have to move animals around a landscape of different environments in order to keep them happy, as well as being able to eat eachother; great fun, and nice animations.
Freaky FlyersVarious consolesBasicly you Fly around as freaky person on a tiny airplane and try to shoot down other players as you race for the finish line. In one of the levels during the game you are shrunken by a mad scientist and during the entire level you fly through someone's digestive track, as the name implies: the level is called "Digestive Track". The game is funny but was very repetative and got boring quickly.
Frogs And FliesAtari 2600
Released under several similar names, (Frog Bog, Frog Pond, etc.) this simple game had players controlling frogs, making them jump and flick their tongues to catch tasty flies flittering about above a pond.
In this 2D platformer, you play a smart-talking anthropomorphic gecko who gets to gulp down various bugs as bonus as you run through stages; the animation on the swallow is nicely done, if brief. The sequels to this game (Gex 2, 3) are essentially the same thing, but in 3D.
Giants: Citizen KabutoPC/WindowsA 3D RTS game with some serious vore content :) One of the creatures you can play, Kabuto, is a giant monster remiscent of Godzilla... a major part of gameplay is to keep eating little creatures called "Vimps" to keep your strength. Lots of great shots of eating, and it even has a camera from the point of view of being INSIDE Kabuto's mouth! Noteworthy for hard-vore fans: a Meccaryn in deep water will thrash about wildly, attracting piranhas that quickly spray your blood everywhere.
Gitaroo ManPlaystation 2In the fourth level you have to escape a giant space shark, if you take too much damage it sucks you into its mouth and you see your ship falling into blackness and U-1 screaming about it being dark.
Goats And GoblinsPC/WindowsThe first level boss (a dragon) eats you after you "defeat" it, and the entire second level takes place inside the dragon.
God of WarPlaystation 2In the first level, you have to fight huge hydras. The second hydra you find will grab you in its mouth and try to crush you. You can fight by pressing the "O" button, or just sit there. It won't swallow you though, just crunch you and then spit you out. Later in the same level, you meet a bigger hydra, who will eat some NPCs.
Goemon's Great AdventureN64The boss of the game has three forms and the third is a giant demon. You must first attack its head to get it to lower it to the ground in pain. When it does, it opens its mouth and you are able to run inside and whack its uvula to cause real damage. After spending some time inside its mouth, you get blown back out by a gust of air, and you basically must repeat the process to kill the boss. When you enter its mouth, the camera angle changes to a view of the inside.
GonSNESA japanese ROM that can be found on some popular download sites...If you can find it and survive the first level (very hard), on the second level (located at sea) you will find a hungry shark. Two actually. You have to defeat them, but if you get too close, *gulp* He swallows you! Whole and alive too! He then just floats there, satisfied and content, until you struggle enough to make him vomit you. D'oh. Still, you can sit in his belly for hours if you dont make a move!
GothicPC/WindowsMany of the monsters in this game (wolves, other scavengers) will eat your body if you die. There is no model destruction but there are sound effects as if they were ripping into your flesh. Also, several of the monsters hunt other creatures and will eat them as well.
Gothic 2PC/WindowsAs in the first Gothic game, several creatures will eat you if you die, with same effects as the original though -- no model destruction, only sound effects. The creatures will also hunt in Gothic 2, and in fact seem to hunt more often. As an added bonus there are tons of NPCs all about the Gothic 2 landscape (some NPCs are even women), and you can train hordes of monsters on NPCs to watch them get eaten.
Grandia IIDreamcastThere is a boss who is practically all mouths; it has four, and a main one in its body. First eats one of your characters, though you don't really see it, just hear a 'gulp'. When you fight it, that same mouth has an attack where it sucks in a player and those close to him with a gulp, chews, and then spits them out with a belch.
Grandia XtremePlaystation 2In the Fire area, the boss you fight at the end is a giant "Mother Crab" which occasionally uses the attack "Swallow" in which she sucks in one of your characters and chews them up a bit (which is accopanied by squishy noises) before she releases them covered in saliva. She also has an ability called "Reproduce" or somewhat in which she belches out baby Hermit Crabs to hinder you progress.
Half LifePC/WindowsThere's some VERY hard vore with barnacles. These are nasty creatures that hang from the roof. Anything that wanders by gets pulled up by its tongue to its jaws. It makes squishy, crunchy noises for a few seconds, then bits of flesh and bone fall down. Also, there are suggested vore scenes - a tentacle monster pulls a scientist underground, and several scenes of people being pulled into vents and body parts falling out. Sometimes, the monsters will be found making chewing animations on corpses. One alien creature, called the 'headcrab', will attack NPCs and you by trying to wrap around your head (basically swallowing your head) and take over your body turning you into a zombie. Now you don't actually see this but here and there in the game are fallen scientists with this headcrabs happily attached over their head. Also when you look closely at one of these zombies you can see the faint images of the human skull through the pale flesh of the original headcrab. Another vore in Half-Life although actually in the second Half-Life title Opposing Force you can use the barnacle as a weapon. It is engulfed onto your arm and can be used as a grapple on organic material. You can use this weapon like a whip to draw some of the smaller aliens towards the barnacle's mouth and basically feeding it to the weapon. Also every now and then this barnacle weapon makes a weird noise that sounds like it's getting indigestion. In the "Natural Selection" mod for Half-Life, a creature called Onos is added which can actually eat one enemy at a time!
Half Life 2PC/WindowsThere are monsters in both HL and HL 2 called 'barnaces', which resemble ceiling-dwelling sea anemonies. There are a couple of scripted sequences in which they reel in and swallow small animals (a raven for one). One also tries to eat a headcrab. Most importantly, if you lure a Combine soldier into the tendril, he'll be pulled upward and engulfed whole by the barnacle. Unlike the first game, nothing gets spat out -- the barnacle just swallows him whole and later re-dangles its tendril. *Urrp* (Sadly, there is no in-game belch sound.) Also sadly, you don't get swallowed if you get pulled in -- you just get chewed to death.
Half life mod-Natural SelectionPC/WindowsThe Onos class has the devour ability and you litterally gulp your opponents up and swallow them whole. The soldiers wait and are slowly are digested seeing the inner lining of tissue evoloping you hoping to be rescued by their teammates.
Half-Life: Opposing ForcePC/WindowsIn Half-Life: Opposing Force, when in the Pit Worm's Lair, if you use the gun that warps you to the alien planet on yourself, you find yourself inside what appears to be a giant stomach, complete with organic looking walls, murky fluid reaching almost to the ceiling, and a small hole in the ceiling through which bits of something fall through. There's a dead woman inside, on the floor, in a HEV suit. Also, if you can manage to look through the hole in the celing, it appears to be an esophagus...
Heart of DarknessPC/Windows
Beautifully drawn and animated, with gameplay similar to Alone In The Dark. ... Probably the game with the most vore content ever created. EVERYTHING eats you in this game! A "must-see" for vores!
Heavy Metal FAKK2PC/WindowsIf you are into plant vore, you will love this game. You play a heroine trying to stop your planet from being taken over. When you get to the swamp level of the game, there are various plants on the ground... If you step over one of the plants, they swallow you and digest you alive. You even hear the heroine scream! The game has some serious graphics, so you need a pretty fast machine to play the game -- but the graphics are worth it!
Herc's AdventurePSXA giant boar near the end of the game will gobble you up if you fail to beat them. If the Boar eats you, you actually have to mash buttons to force your way out of his stomach, complete with the boar laying on its back and the player bulging outward with each button mash. There's also a snake that will gobble you up in the game...
Heroes of Might and Magic IVPC/WindowsOne of the Might-aligned units (not available as player-controlled troops, unfortunately) is the Sea Monster. When it attacks it has a chance of devouring some of the units in the opposing stack whole - not very graphically though, there's just a small opening-and-closing maw animation in the style of all the other special-power-use symbols.
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyPC/WindowsOld Infocom text game, perhaps the hardest ever. If you can defy reality and make it to the end, there's a scene inside a whale.
Homeworld: CataclysmPC/WindowsThe Beast will devour both technology and flesh, and incorporate them into itself in order to feed and fight. At the end of the game, a beast ship called the Naggorok will devour entire ships!
The HordePC/WindowsYou play a guy that is going to protect different villages from hungry demons. They like to eat and will eat everything from crops to humans. But sadly the main character (you) can be eaten.
The I Of The DragonPC/WindowsYou play a dragon in this game, and there are parts where you have to feed...
The Even More Incredible MachinePC/WindowsThe cat will eat the mouse if he gets near him, and the aligator will eat the mouse and Mel with a good slurp noise. Not very well animated, though.
In this addicting flash game, you can buy carnivorous fish later on that will eat your small guppies whole with a crunch.
Jagged Alliance 2PC/WindowsIf one of your squads loses to Bloodcats (tigers), and not everyone is dead outright, you get the fun message, "The enemy, having no mercy for the team's soul, devours each and every one of you!" as opposed to being taken prisoner.
Jak 3Playstation 2Near the beginning of the game, after your first Arena battle, Kleiver will ask you to take out his Leaper Lizard and hunt down some Kangarats that have been raiding his food stores. When you manage to chase them down and headbutt them[square button] the Leaper Lizard grabs them by the tail and flips them up and proceeds to swallow them whole with some fairly good gulping noises. Also, a little later when Seem challenges you to a race, Daxter is nearly eaten by Seem's Leaper Lizard. Sadly, Seem tells it to let him go and it drops him on the ground, covered and dripping with saliva.
Jak And DaxterPlaystation 2In the "Forbidden Jungle" level when you fight the boss (which happens to be a big plant), if you are on your last health, walk up to him and let him bite you, it will show a cutscene where he picks up your character throws him in the air and swallows with a nice swallowing sound effect and a bulge going down his throat!
Jazz Jackrabbit 2PC/WindowsIf you play with Jack's brother chosen as character, he tends, while being left by player for a while, to atrack small bird onto his finger, and then gulp it alive.
Jedi Knight Mysteries of the SithPC/WindowsThere is but one level where the character you're playing is subject to vore. During the first couple of levels you're playing the male character Kyle Katarn. It is after these first few levels you play that it switches over to Mara. You get to this level rather far into the game where you meet up with a Rancor. You initialy find yourself emerging from water into a darkened, cavernous room and a video sequence shows the rancor emerge from the darkness. While fighting the rancor it is very likely that it will reduce your health entirely, allowing it to pick Mara by the waist and jam her in it's mouth head-first. Unfortunately, there is no screams from Mara though fortunately there is a distinctive munching and there is no blood. Overall, it's a pretty good scripted sequence to behold.
Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyPC/WindowsIn the 4th mission in the game you crash land on a planet and need to find part for your ship. There is a catch, however, as there are 'Tremors' style worms in the sand and you have to jump from rock to rock and try not to be on the sand too long or they damage you. If they damage you enough you see this nice little cut scene of the worm coming up with you struggling in its mouth. It holds you there for a few seconds and the closes its mouth and goes back down. Also in the beginning you see a survivor of another ship wreck get eaten. One cool thing is you can make your character a male or female, so it suits almost everyone's tastes. Finally, you can pick a mission to go and rescue some prisoners from one of those Hut creatures and there you get to meet a Rancor that eats you up (you have to get picked up 2 times before he eats you though.) You can repeat this scene repeatedly, though; press ctrl and ~ to get the console. Type devmap (mapname) to go into a map with cheats. Once inside type /npc spawn rancor. A giant monster will appear that will either crush you or eat you whole. Sometimes it pounds the ground and you fall down. If it picks you up, it's almost impossible to get down before it just downs you with ease.On the Sarlacc map is the scene where Jabba the Hutt tries to feed Luke and some other characters to the Sarlacc. It's exactly like the movie. The Sarlacc's tentacle's won't move, but if you fall in the pit, there's a good chance you're just gonna have to accept you're fate as a tasty morsel. The mouth only opens if you're over it. You don't die there: you fall down the Sarlacc's esophagus. An opening at the bottom opens up and you fall into the rather large stomach. The best part is the "glug, glug" noise it makes just as you leave the esophagus. Once in the stomach, there is no way out unless you've got cheats - even with a jetpack. The water hurts you, and takes a while to finish you off. If you don't want to wait, type in "kill" in the console.
Jet Force GeminiN64There is this one level where you are on the planet covered with magma, a few screen into the planet you come across the huge worm creature, or rather its mouth, sticking out of a large mountainside. When you get close, it becomes active, you have to shoot a grenade into its mouth to knock it unconcious; at the same time, its mouth opens and you can reach the inside by walking across its tongue. That's not the only way to get through the level, but it's the path most vores would choose! From there you go inside and the whole rest of the level is played inside the huge worm.
Joe & MacArcade
The last level takes place inside a dinosaur that you had to defeat earlier in the game. This stage features villi moving around inside, red blood cells visible through holes in the background, and a giant beating heart near the end. Note that the heart doesn't seem to be there in the NES or Genesis versions, but you still get eaten. An arcade version of the game also exists under the name Caveman Ninja.
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureArcadeFighting game... the female character Midlerhas a super move where her Stand (spirit partner), the High Priestess goesunderneath an opponent, gulping him/her down. The screen then pans to theinside of High Priestess's mouth where giant teeth chew on the opponentfor a bit before spitting the opponent out. This alsohappens in one of her win poses, but the Stand doesn't chew up theopponent and spit him/her out again, she just swallows the opponent wholeand laughs with Midler.
A "Christian" game (referring to the story of Jonah And The Whale in the Old Testament of the Bible, in the Book of Jonah) where you have to swim away from the hungry whale, or be eaten. Cute little Java applet.
JuggernautPSXThe story here is that your girlfriends soul/mind has been claimed by darkness, and the priest convinces you to go into the astral plane or whatever to rescue her. So he casts a spell, and her limp body suddenly starts screaming and looking demonic, and there is a really cool (but short) cutscene (animation) of you shrinking down and flying into her mouth and down her throat (which apparently is the doorway to the soul realm!)
Jurassic ParkSNESHere, you play as Dr. Alan Grant and go on various missions around Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar. There are a couple of places in the game where you encounter the Tyrannosaurus. If you can't outrun him, he'll seize you in his jaws and gobble you up.
Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisPC/Windows
Playstation 2
Following the lead of games like Sim City and Roller Coaster Tycoon, this addition to the Jurassic Park franchise allows players to build a dinosaur-themed amusement park, but with REAL dinosaurs! If you let a T-Rex or other suitably large carnivore escape in your virtual park, in will run around and eat your human patrons.
Jurrasic Park: The Lost WorldArcade
Besides humans, you can play three different dinosaurs here: a compy, araptor and a T-Rex, all three have to feast on enemies to gain health. Whilethe first two have to rip and chew on fallen enemies, the T-Rex is able toswallow one of the smaller enemies whole -- velociraptors and humans, for example. Also a lot of unfortunate NPCs either get dragged off, or squirm beneath reptillian jaws. At the final boss, you're treated to the T-Rex swallowing someone whole. On the PSX, you can unlock all of the levels and quickly see the good stuff by putting in this code three times: S, X, C, T, T, X, S, C, T, C, X, S (it'll say that the code is invalid the first and second times, just ignore that message.)This game has many different versions, so the PSX and Arcade versions listed are completely different games. The arcade exclusive should be: a few unfortunate humans either get dragged off, or squirm beneath raptor jaws in this arcade shooter. At the final boss, you're treated to the T-Rex swallowing someone whole (very nice) if you miss a certain shot, complete with sound effects. Also note that though there's obviously a lot of biting going on, there's no blood whatsoever.
Kameo: Elements of PowerXbox 360In the opening cutscene for the demo (unknown where it is in the actual game), two trolls riding a dragon brawl with each other. One gets tossed off to be caught by the dragon and swallowed.
Killer InstinctVarious consoles
There's a lizard character in the game, when you lose to him in a certain way he drags you off screen, then the screen pans to a rather plump lizard...
Killer InstinctArcadeAfter Riptor (a raptor) defeats his opponent, he does a fatality where he jumps at you, then the screen goes black, to show that you've been swallowed whole and now are sitting in Riptor's huge belly, while he's burping and farting. His belly bulge is a sight, and only the arcade version actually has the burp and fart sound effects, and a better view of his belly.
Killer Instinct GoldN64There is a warrior character named Tusk who while fighting an opponent can perform an ultimate combo where an large dinosaur appears and eats the opponent.
King's quest 2PC/WindowsNear the end of the game, you are at the top of the tower where there is a lion protecting the door that will make lunch out of you if you try to pass. In another part of the game, near a bridge there is a snake that will eat you whole if you get too close (rather poor animation, since the game is from the mid 1980's.)
King's Quest IIIPC/WindowsThere's cave where main character has to enter, but as first, he has to remove giant cobweb. If he tries to pass the entrance when the cobweb is still there, he is caught in it and then a giant spider comes and eats him whole, just putting him right into its jaws.
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BridePC/WindowsA plant can swallow both Rosella and Vanice, if they get too close.
King's Quest VII: The Princeless BridePC/WindowsThere's a plant that can swallow both Rosella and Valanice (with great crunching sounds) if they get too close, followed by some funny comments from the plant. Both Rosella and Valanice can be engulfed by the deadfall. In addition, in Chapter Five, Valanice can be devoured by a nightmare at the entrance of the cave and in Dreamland. She can also be swallowed whole by a wind creature. There are a few scenes where the vore is implied (i.e., no vore is actually shown): being stung by the giant scorpion, being caught by the were-bear, being caught by the giant lizard, and being caught in the spider web. And who knows what happens when Rosella or Valanice is pulled into the ground in the graveyard...
Kingdom HeartsPC/Windows
Playstation 2
In this collaboration between Disney and Squaresoft you control a young boy named Sora who along with Donald and Goofy go on a journey through various worlds of Disney lore in other to save the universe from the Heartless. Collosium: Here you battle Cerebus, the dog of the underworld. Besides rather direct looks into his jaws, he also has a biting attack. Agrabah: You have to fight the Cave of Wonders entrance.. a rather large Panther head with rather large jaws who has an attack where he'll bite down and engulf the area beneath him in his maw. If you happen be down there, well, your fault! Atlantica: The best vorish moment.. When you fight Ursula the second time around, she's gotten VERY Big... You're actually tootsie roll sized to her. She has an attack where she starts sucking in water and if you get too close, she bites you. Even if you escape she always burps afterwards and comments "Hmm.. very tasty". She is VERY well animated and expressive. The Monstro level is done entirely inside the whale, and it's got a neat cutscene where your little dimensional ship flies into his mouth. You have too fight a boss in the whale's stomach, and if you touch the green flood of acid, you get hurt. And in a collage of clip scenes in the beginning you leap off of a plank towards the open maw of the neverland crocodile. You are saved but the worlds end much like the movies do, and we know what happened to Captain hook... During the Final Battle with Ansem, you have to face a giant demonic skull at the front of its ship. When you beat it, you have to fly into a portal in its mouth to rescue Donald (no swallowing though.) In the Atlantica level, a shark attacks you near the sunken ship. It has a great bite attack, and you can see inside its mouth -- but only for a second.
Kingdom Hearts 2: Chain of MemoriesunknownYou get to have the Monstro Level once more. Another trip through the belly of a whale!
Kirby64N64King DeDeDe swallows you in one of the first levels while posessed by "dark matter". Also, there is a frog that leaps out of holes and chews you up, and a blue-toothed thing that chews you up and spits you out.
Kirby's AdventureNES2D platformer where you control Kirby, an adorable little puffball who sucks in other creatures and digests them to gain their powers
Kirby's Dream LandGameboyThe original. Kirby is a walking ball with wings, feet, and an adorable face. He fights his enemies by eating ones his own size, and can swallow them or spit them out as projectile weapons. In later games in the series, he can gain special powers by eating enemies ("you are what you eat!"), but not this one. Worth mentioning since it's the start of the series!
Kirby's SuperstarSNESLike in many of Kirby's games, Kirby can eat his foes with a standard attack. But, there is more to it in this game: one of the games is a race to eat as much food as possible! Also, if you gain ice powers, and do a "grab" move by running up to a foe and pressing the attack button, you will grab him by gulping him! Kirby is then seen in a "mouth shut tightly" pose, and eventually spits the enemy back out as an ice block. Kirby's "cook move" involves him going cannibalistic -- he cooks all foes in range and turns them into goodies! There may be even more to find as well.
Klonoa: Door to PhantomilePSXConstrained-path 3D platformer that has very well done graphics and animations. In the end stages of the game, there is a boss you must fight that will shoot out a giant tongue to catch you - if it does, it sucks you in, and then spits you out again through a blow hole in its head. When you defeat this boss, you get sucked into it and have to fight it again, this time inside its belly.
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's VeilPlaystation 23D constrained-path platformer, with beautiful graphics (augmented by some interesting cell-shading technology, to make the game look more like a cartoon.) There are some plant monsters in a cave fairly early on in the game that will gobble you up, and you get a good look into their maw as they do so... Also, farther into the game, there's a snowboarding stage where you have to go into a giant ice cave shaped like a dragon, and the maw is the entrance...
Kya: Dark LineagePlaystation 2In the Flying Forest, there is a mere that Kya must cross by hopping upon grassy stumps. Some of the stumps are actually carnivorous plants that will swallow Kya whole (with a grisly crunching sound!) if she strays from the designated path. There are also dog-like creatures throughout the game that will grab Kya in their mouths and shake her ravenously about. Presumably she is subsequently devoured, but unfortunately, this isn't shown.
Lady SiaGameboy Advance In a level of this game, there are large plants. If you step on them, their jaws will close around you, yet you manage to hold them open halfway. If you can't escape quickly, the plant will eat you, and spit out your clothes and your sword.
Legend of Kyrandia 2PC/WindowsAn alligator swallows Zanthia, if she is too curious.
Legend of LegaiaPSXThe last part of the game takes place within the body of this huge lizard-like creature called Juggernaut. Be forewarned, it it takes more than 30 hours to get to that point... The end game takes place after the Juggernaut devours an entire town and all its citizens!
Legend of ManaSNESAt one point in the game, you have to fight a small lizard that has an attack where it slurps up one ofof your characters with a long tongue attack, and keeps them in its stomach until it's attacked. Very nice belly bulge.
The Legend of ZeldaGameboy
Classic top-down RPG in which you play "Link," a brave adventurer who must find the eight pieces of the "Triforce" to save the kingdom. In several of the dungeon levels there are jellyfish-like creatures called "Like-Likes" that will engulf Link (and dissolve his shield); you have to struggle inside the creature to damage it enough to break free. These creatures also populate the world in the Game Boy version of the game, called Zelda: Link's Awakening.
The Legend of Zelda - The Wind WakerGamecubeOf course there's vore in a new Zelda game. Quite a bit in this one, in fact: First off, you'll encounter a few giant octoroks in your seafaring journeys (they tend to stay around large flocks of seagulls). These will draw you into a whirlpool, and if your boat gets close enough, you get sucked in, swallowed, and spit back out again. Some people hint that someone's been permanently swallowed by one of these. Secondly, there are plants in certain places that'll engulf you and spit you back up if you jump into them. Thirdly, late in the game you'll encounter a huge, almost Manta-like sand worm, which'll stick its head up out of the sand. If you get close enough, it'll lower its head, snap you up, dive back under and (unfortunately) spit you out. ... The Deku Babas in this game are practically big hungry plant-mouths. They lick their "lips" before they lunge forward and grasp the top half of Link's body, suckling on him for a nice seven seconds before they (unfortunately) spit him out, even if he's at zero life.
The Legend of Zelda: Links AwakeningGameboyAs with the other games in the Legend of Zelda series, there are creatures in this game that will engulf Link whole, given the chance...
Legend of Zelda: Macarena of TimePC/WindowsIn this game you actually get eaten by a fish pez dispenser ("pez" is spanish for fish) but the inside looks like a stomach.
The Legend of Zelda, Majoras MaskN64Again, the Like-Likes. The entrance to the Zora temple in this game looks like the head of a huge sea serpent when you swim into it. There is one level where there are huge eels that dash out of crevasses and snag Link, tossing him around. The boss in the Zora Dungeon is a huge pirahna like fish, that if he catches you, swallows you, then shakes you around, and spits you back out. There is also a fish tank in the 'seaside laboratory' where there are two strange looking fish. (not the kind you catch in your bottles). the top is covered with Bars, and if you keep feeding fish into the tank, one of the fishes will swallow them, and then grow a bit bigger! If you do this enough times the bigger fish will swallow his buddy, and then spit out a heart piece. Several places in the game (mostly swamps) There are huge Octoroks (octopi with shells on their back) that if you get too close, they suck you in, then spit you away. In the Deku temple there are these scary looking lilypads, that have teeth, and an eye in the center. If you step on them as Dekulink you're fine, but if you step on them as any other Link they snap around you!
The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of TimeN64Firstly there's the Like-Likes, they're big slug/blob creatures that if you get too close, they suck you in and spit you back out (missing a few items! so you have to beat them to get it back). Secondly is the dungeon to get the third spirit stone. A half-fish princess (Ruto, of the "Zora's") was out playing in Lord Jabbu Jabbu's pond, and for some reason he swallowed her. Link finds a bottle with a note from her asking for rescue, and then your quest there starts. When you go out to the platform on the pond, you see a huge fish/whale creature, who's just breathing slowly and deeply like he's sick. If you drop a 'fresh fish' in front of him on the dias, he sniffs, then opens his huge mouth and starts sucking in air. (It's a cut scene, and animation..you cant control link at this point) and then he sucks in the fish. He continues to suck at air and Link gets freaked out, then suddenly sucked off the ground and goes flying into Jabbu Jabbu's mouth. (It's a neat animation showing the mouth coming flying at you, from links PoV). The entire level takes place inside Jabbu Jabbu's belly; there are pools of saliva, hitting the walls makes the whole fish groan around you, etc... lots of interesting details :)
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AdventuresGameboy Advance 
During a boss fight in World 4-3, there is a point where you are eaten by the boss. You must walk around inside his stomach and whack a certain enemy to cause damage to the boss. Keeping in line with this game's strange usage of the Gameboy Advance as a controller and a separate screen whenever you are inside certain structures (houses, caves, etc), the stomach is shown separately on the Gameboy Advance.
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of AgesGameboy ColorIn the game you eventually have to enter Jabu-Jabu, the giant fish, and kill the boss inside. You can also get eaten then spat out by creatures such as Like-Likes.
Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapGameboy Advance There's quite a bit in this Zelda title. First off, there are now two kinds of Like-likes. There's the normal Like-Likes, who eat up your shield. Then there are Rupee-Likes. They're disguised as rupees, and if you walk over them...gulp! They keep sucking until you're all out of rupees! Unfortuanetly, neither of them fully engulf Link. Just everything but his head. However, the rupee-Likes will suckle on you for quite awhile if you have 999 rupees. In a few places, there are worm-likes creatures that will swallow Link whole, with a good animation of Link sliding into their mouths. One of the bosses is a huge Octorok that sucks you in and then spits you back out.
Legendary WingsNESVertical scrolling shooter in which you are an winged angel with big-ass guns, shooting at weird stuff flying at you and collecting bonuses. There are some stages you can get sucked into (literally, by an evil cloud of smoke), that are side-scrollers inside some kind of beast. The backgrounds are interesting collages of various body parts (mouths, teeth, hearts, etc.)
Leisure Suit Larry 2PC/WindowsAs character lands on the tropical island, he has to get stick and use it in next location to escape from snake which wraps around him. If he doesn't, the snake will swallow him alive (quite nice animation!)
Lemmings 2, The TribesGenesisAround the lumberjack levels, frogs are waiting around for a player to forget that anything is possible in the game...*gulp!* Down the lemmings go if they get too close. Also, in beach level there are seashells which can suck lemmings in if they walk by.
Life Force/Gradius 2NESVertical scrolling shooter; part of the end of the game takes place inside an alien, with all kinds of innards scrolling by and attacking you.
Luigi's MansionGamecubeThe final boss is giant mechanical Bowser (altought it looks like real at first). It has an attack where it inhales deeply, and if you get inhaled it munches you nicely before spitting you on the floor.
Mad SharkApple/Mac
A macromedia shockwave game in which you play a shark which must avoid the attacking scuba divers as long as possible. You can eat anything (including the divers) to regain health.
MalicePlaystation 2
In the opening cut scene of the game, the heroine Malice is chased into a room where she comes face to face with the Dog God. The nefarious Dog God bites off and devours the pigtailed goddess's head, and her (now headless) body topples to the ground. (This scene does not contain any blood, however.)
Maniac MansionC=64
Later in this adventure-game, where you have to solve the mystery of an old mansion, there is a man-eating plant. The boy of the house owns a hamster which you can steal and feed to the plant for fun. It belches afterwards.
Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeNintendo DSAt one point in the game you get to see a giant Yoshi-like monster called a Yoob go around eating the real Yoshis. Then, at a later point, it gets supersized and eats Mario, Luigi, and baby Mario and Luigi, along with baby bowser. You then go through the level in its stomachs. Also, you have to fight Petey the Pirhana Plant, and one of his attacks he goes underground and starts sucking in... if you get sucked in, he chews you and spits you out.
Mario and Luigi: Superstar SagaGameboy Advance 
Several istances of vore in this game. The first is when you are searching from Bean Fruit. One of the bean fruit is eaten by one of the piranha plants and you have to kill it to make him throw it up. But he also throws up a tiny bean person that is prince... would be nice to see him get in there in a flashback... The second is right at the end of the game, when you are fighting the final boss. It makes you think you won, but it ends up to be a trap, letting a bomb-om blow up, knocking you out and sucking you in like a vacuum cleaner. Of course the true final boss is in the stomach, but it even shows a bit of digestion as when you start that fight, both Mario and Luigi start at 1 life no matter what your life meter was before it catches you. When you fight the boss of the game, Bowletta, she's got a surprise waiting for you after you beat her first form. She sucks you inside! Inside Bowletta's body, you fight what is essentially her spirit - and must expose and attack her heart in order to kill her. Note that the inside of Bowletta's physical body doesn't look entirely organic, though it is...interesting looking. There's also a section with the viruses from the Dr. Mario game. Their attacks, if you don't block, involve them jumping on Mario or Luigi's heads and gnawing on them. No actual devouring though.
Mario Golf: Toadstool TourGamecubeOn hole 16 of the Bowesr badlands course there are pirahna plants all over. If you hit the ball into their mouths, they chew it up and spit it back out in a sand bunker. There is also a pirahna plant on hole 17, which will also chew up and spit out your golf ball (in this case, into the lava.)
Mario Hoops 3-on-3Nintendo DSIn the court "Daisy Gardens" the basketball hoops are actually Petey Piranhas that you feed the basketball to to score. You can only toss the ball in, however, since it will knock you away if you attempt to dunk the ball.
Mario Kart Double DashGamecubeIn the Dry Dry Desert course there is a pool of quicksand that you can get trapped in. If you don't drive out of the pool and you end up in the center you will be eaten by a large plant creature.
Mario PartyN64A rope-dragging contest takes place over a hungry piranha plant. The losers fall in, the plant spits out coins and nothing else.
Mario Party 3N64There is a minigame where the player's objective is to swim to the end to avoid being eaten by a Cheap-Cheap (the big fish) and you can get eaten if it catches up to you.
Mario Power TennisGamecubeWhen you finish a Singles tournament with Yoshi, there's a special animation playing where Luigi gives the trophy to Yoshi, but he mistakes it for a pineapple (since he's hungry). He throws his tongue at it but catches Luigi instead, swallows him whole, trophy falls in his hands and he looks around, clueless as to where Luigi went. There's another mini instance of vore associated with one of the secret characters' moves.
Mario RPGSNESIn Kero Sewers and Land's End you face a monster called Belome. It will swallow a player, then spit it up.
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Arcade
This game has two fun vore attacks. One is by an anthropomorphic cactus (!) with maracas: he grabs you with a vine, eats you and puffs up while he shakes his maracas. The other is by a monkey character: it spits out the word "POW", hits you, and you turn into a random fruit (peach, watermelon, etc.); the monkey then eats the giant fruit and spits you out.The final boss, Abyss, has three forms: A samurai-like armored form, a humanoid slime creature, and an enourmous red slime creature. One of the third forms' attacks has it turn it's ENTIRE body into a mouth and lunge at you, but will not swallow you. However, in one of its victory animations, Abyss will smack your character into the air, turn into the mouth and swallow them whole (Can be done with any character), and dives into the slime below! Abyss' head and shoulders rise from he red ooze, and he licks his chops.
McDonald's Treasureland AdventureGenesisTwice there's "fake" vore here. In the first level, there is a cave which rises up out of the ground - when Ronald McDonald walks in, its eye opens and you realize it's alive. But its insides look like the inside of a cave. Near the end of the game, a giant alien head with protruding tongue serves as the entrance to the final boss room, but again, the inside looks like the inside of an ordinary room.
MDK2Various consolesThe scientist who you play has a rather large carnivorous plant who at one point you have to push all the enemies towards him so he can grab and eat them.In the final battle you fight a rather large flying frog-like alien. Once you take away his hitpoints, he gets a hole in his stomach and sucks in whichever character you're playing. You then have to destroy each of his internal organs while being attacked by various creatures bent on your digestion. After a little time he spits out your character and then you have to fight your way back in so you can do more internal damage.
Mega Man XSNESThere are these robotic fish in the water levels, that 'suck' in bubbles/water, and if you get too close, they swallow Megaman, and start draining his energy. You can see him squirming around inside if you move the control stick (you can escape either by using the X's blaster or repeatedly jumping.) The last boss before the Sigma stage is a weird thing that looks like a big head/car (not the face one.) If he catches you on the lower half of the jaws, the top one crashes down and hurts you. [Note: This is the SNES version, don't know if the same is in the PC or PSX versions.] The robotic fish is also in MegaMan X5.
Mega Man Zero 2Gameboy Advance In one level (frost level in 2nd set), a frog boss has an attack where he eats a smaller animal-themed robot and then balloons in size. He then uses his larger body to attack you, before shrinking again.
Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast GregarGameboy Advance After playing a bit in the game you will reach the second city called Seaside. In there you have to stop a a blackbearded guy to save the animals in an Aquarium. Once you jack in the main computer you have to find some programs that represents certain types of fishes back into their tanks but in order to do so you have to take them there without getting caught by sharks. If a shark touches you he will swallow the program and you will have to find it again where you first found it.
MegaMan X2 ExtremeGameboy ColorIn Megaman's story on the water level, if you take the lower path you have to use those fish that swallow you up to get across the spikes. Big bulge! If you move the control pad, the fish's belly moves alot! Use Megaman's buster to get out.
Metal SlugArcadeThere is an underground bridge with crumbling sections. If you fall into the water at the right spot a huge bass rises up with you in its maw. The character struggles for a few seconds before the fish gulps them. Also in the game is a huge mecha serpent that swallows a tree up you are climbing. (Note: it makes a re-appearance in a later version of the game.)
Metal Slug 2ArcadeIn the last mission of the game there is a sub-boss (no shirt on and uses huge machine gun, you may remember him from the original Metal Slug game) After you defeat him, he falls off the platform into the awaiting mouth of a huge orca whale. He is semi-visibly chewed on a couple times, then the whale goes beneath the surface of the water and shoots up a stream of bones (suspiciously all thigh bones....) No blood however.
Metal Slug 3ArcadeIn at least one level, some of the 'piranha plants' are able to grab your character and swallow them.
Classic 2D platformer where you have to work your way through an alien planet to defeat the evil "Mother Brain." The creatures that are the namesake of the game, namely the Metroids, are jellyfish-like creatures that float in the air and engulf your player, sucking away your life until you either die or struggle out of their grasp. Several versions of this game were made for different consoles (NES, SNES, Gameboy.)
Metroid FusionGameboy AdvanceLike in previous Metroids, there are alien lifeforms that will attempt to eat Samus Aran. When fighting a plantlike boss, the floor has several toothed flowers that will chew on you and damage you if you fall into them, and getting out is quite difficult. One of the early bosses is a big glob thing. It jumps over you and if you don't get out of the way, it morphs you into a ball and sucks you in, draining energy (to escape, use bombs.) If you wait, you'll get sucked even deeper into it until you are about in the middle of it.
Metroid II: The Return of SamusGameboyIn this game, near the end of the game you will find Metroid hatchlings (the kind that engulfs you to drain your health). Also, the final boss of the game will sometimes attack by biting you. If you shoot it's mouth while its open, you can curl up into a ball and crawl in! You can then roll down it's throat into its stomach. You will be there until you die, or plant a bomb.
Metroid PrimeGamecubeIn Metroid Prime there is type of enemy called the Stone Frog. They have an in-game description, where it is told that the frog has a habit of eating only things smaller than itself. But no worry, our hero can turn to small ball, which is good snack for those frogs. Laying bomb inside of them is the only way to destroy them...
Metroid Prime 2: EchoesGamecubeOne of the bosses - three giant worms attached to a sphere - can swallow Samus in her ball form. After breaking the face plate off of the attacking worm that is attatched to the sphere, curl up into your morph ball and the worm will suck you into its mouth and swallow you, at which point you can plant bombs from inside. After the bombs explode, you are regurgitated.
Super MetroidSNESFirstly there's the infamous Metroids, that attatch to you and drain your energy. There is also a HUGE metroid towards the end of the game that is so big, it covers you entirely! There are also several creatures that snap out and try to grab you, usually bringing you towards the spikes. There are a few chambers where if you fall into these hungry looking mouth things, they start 'chewing' you and draining your energy. There are two points in the game, where the 'entrance' to another section is hidden. (ie a wall you can see, but you can walk right through) By the faces of big statue monster things that look hungry. You have to walk through the mouths to get past ;)
MicrosurgeonIntellivisionInteresting game playing on the Fantastic Voyage movie theme, where a vessel is shrunken down to ultra-tiny size and injected into a person to fix problems in said person's body. You can maneuver your little ship through the throat, mouth, stomach, etc.
Mischief MakersN642D platformer with strange puzzles involving weird little creatures that you can throw around. Once you are in world 4, the second stage is a mini boss, who is a giant frog. He will lash his tongue at you, but it will not grab you. You have to touch it, and it will catch you, and Marina will struggle in vain before being pulled into the frog and you hear a nice gulp sound.
Monkey Island 3PC/WindowsMidway through the game, you'll reach a sign saying "Snake crossing." You look up... and get a short video of the first-person view of the snake swallowing you. Very short, but when the view is back on the outside, you're standing inside the snake. Toony, but fun :)
Monster Rancher 2PSXA monster known as 'Suezo' has an attack called Chewing, which does just what you'd think it does: he grows absolutely huge and chows down on the enemy, spitting him out afterwards.
MoonstoneAmigaYou are a knight and you are searching for a magical stone. When you have a very powerful knight a big dragon starts to chase you from the air. If the dragon catches up with you, a battle ensues. If you get very close to the dragon, it will raise its head over you and snap at you with his mouth... If it gets you, your arms and feet move around and you hear the knight scream. Then the dragon will snap the rest of you into the mouth and munch you up, with the armor making crunching sounds. Also, if venture up in the North West part of the country (up in the mountains) you get to battle with some big trolls. They will shake you and try to hop on you alot. If you manage to die when they are shaking you, the troll will put your head into its mouth and munch it up, with crunching sounds. Finally, there is a monster in the swamp area that will put its roots into your character and start to suck you dry, draining your lifeforce. If you just stand still the swamp creature will throw itself over you in a big hug and pull you down into the swamp...
Mortal Kombat 2, 3Various consoles
Some of the characters in this classic fighting game have vore fatality moves. Mileena has a fatality where she swallows her victim whole. In MK2, the move is done by holding one button (high kick?) for a couple of seconds, then releasing it when standing close to the staggering opponent. She kisses her victim, sucks him/her into her belly, and then coughs up the bones. It's a pretty cute animation. Lu Kang has an animality in which he morphs into a dragon and bites the victim in two. Reptile has one where he eats their head.
Mortal Kombat TriologyPSXIn this game, Ermac has an animality where he turns himself into a frog, stretches his mouth open and swallows his opponent whole. Shang Tsung also has one, where he turns into a giant cobra and swallows his opponent whole.
Mortal Kombat: Deadly AlliancePlaystation 2Reptile's finisher enables him to vomit acid all over his enemy's head, and lash his tongue to eat the head -- there is a very hard sounding swallow noise. Also, the vampire Nitara jumps on her enemy, and messily devours their head. Blood fest.
Mortal Kombat: DeceptionPlaystation 2
Each stage has a deathtrap -- if you can knock an opponent into it, you win instantly. In the Yin/Yang beach stage, the deathtrap is pirahnas eating the character alive if he/she is knocked into the water. There is also a mode in this game called Puzzle Attack, which is very reminiscient of Super Puzzle Fighters. If your character loses, the chibi dies in a gory way. If he loses on the Ying/Yang beach stage background, his head is eaten by a giant snake, complete with jets of blood. Havik's finisher makes him eat your arms, then he presses on his belly to make himself vomit out the bloody left overs. Also, in the Netherrealm, there is a monster called Moloch who needs you to get another monster, Drahmin, so they can eat the bodies he found. After you complete this mission, talk to either Moloch or Drahmin for them to let out burps and hiccups, no shown vore or belly bulge, but it implies that they are full from eating.
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin MonksVarious consolesIn the intro movie Reptile grabs Kano with his tongue and begins to gnaw on his head, but is stopped. The first real vore instance, if you exclude fatalities, is in the opening cenem the beginning. You walk in on a group of Oni devouring one of their fallen comrades. There is no actual graphics for what has been eaten, and they simply gnaw on it with little spurts of blood around their mouths. Likewise they have an attack in which they tackle you and chew on your chest a bit. The next instance is in The Living Forest, many of the trees have huge mouths. If you toss an enemy in they will chew on them for a while, before gulping them down. At one point you actually have to feed the trees for a while to advance. In the same area are large snake monsters which will bite you, however they grab other enemies in their jaws and drag them beneath the water. There is also a "puzzle" in which you must feed four snakes in the same way as the trees. At the end of the forest map is a temple, the entrance to the inner portion is shaped like a snake's mouth by the way, in which you are faced with a far larger version of the snakes from earlier. He unfortunatly can't eat you, and instead just knocks you around. However right before dealing the final blow he attempts to get you in his mouth twice. A later boss is a large demon called an Orochi Hellbeast, whom eats his allies to recover. When low on health he jabs one in his mouth headfirst, lifts, and begins to swallow them. The enemy bursts into flames, and he swallows and incinerates them at once. Later in the game you fight another, unfortunatly this one does not seem to use this ability. Lastily are the fatalities. Liu Kang has his classic dragon transformation, in which he bites the enemy clean in half. Some new details to the 3D version which include him slowly stomping towards his opponent are quite nice. The other primary playable character, Kung Lao, has one of sort. He removes a rabbit from his hat, a parody of his friendship move from earlier games, and hands it to the enemy. They pet it for a minute, and which point the rabbit begins to chew off their face. They fall over as the bunny bites, and finally their head explodes. Reptile has only two fatalities; the first being his classic head eat. Reptile extends his tongue which he uses to pull off the enemies head, swallowing it in a single gulp. He than rubs his belly as the enemy falls. The second involves him turning invisible and hoping away. There is a crunch and the enemy's upperbody vanishes. He does not rub his stomach but them being eaten seems implied. Reptile also has a special fatality if he wins his boss fight. The game also includes the original Mortal Kombat 2, which retains everything from it's previous incarnations.
Name This GameAtari 2600In this game you're a diver trying to retrieve gold at the bottom of a lake or something, and you have to shoot evil octopus arms and avoid hungry sharks. If the shark does get you, it goes off screen for a moment, then swims past proudly with your flippered feet hanging out of its mouth kicking :)
Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor ManorPC/WindowsRather nice plant vore scene. In the Conservatory, there's a large pitcher plant. The first time you look at it, you see the lid close on a fly. If you get too close again, and click on it, you get a nice view of Nancy's legs sliding into the plant. The lid closes, and you see some faint struggles. Game over.
Natural Fawn KillersPC/WindowsOn the last level of the game, our intrepid redneck hunter comes across a T-Rex. To kill this our anti-hero must shoot three grenades from his grenade launcher into the beast's mouth. ... Fail, and watch the hungry dino munch away with the hunter's legs dangling out of its mouth until it gulps him back. And all in glorious 3D!
An online game site that has several vore elements -- from "Thank you for not eating me" and "I Could Eat You" cards, to some species' ability to eat live petpets. (From the help files: "It is possible that a particularly greedy Skeith or Grarrl would eat absolutely anything, including dubloons and petpets!!!") Most remarkable, though, is the "Feed Florg" where the task is to keep petpets from escaping the plate of the eponymous monster so that his tongue can snake out, grab the petpets, and pull them into his mouth to eat. The game's description declares, "Florg hungry... Florg like petpets. You keep petpets on plate, Florg eat them. Florg no like when petpets fall on floor! Florg's favourite food is Hasee and Kadoatie... Florg think Slorgs are yuck. Use the arrow keys to move the hand around the table. Try and keep as many petpets on the table for as long as possible so Florg can eat them. If 5 petpets fall on the floor its game over."
Neopets: Petpet HerderVarious consolesAnother Neopets game: in Petpet Herder, you are trying to gather up your petpets and put them safely in a cage. If you're not successful, then a hungry Lupe named Balthazar will gulp them down, munching them with growling and 'munching' sound effects. If you're too close to him, he'll do the same to your character, as well!
The freeware adventure game to end all adventure games. Has some monsters (e.g. purple worms) that swallow the character alive and digest him/her; if you have polymorph and polymorph control, you can even turn into a purple worm yourself, so you'll occasionally swallow and digest monsters when attacking them.
Neverwinter NightsApple/Mac
In Expansion #2, there's some vore. First off, there's always the text vore, although the dwarf in the tavern's story about his encounter with a black dragon and the descrption of Lashar's Last Belt are more amusing than others. In the 2nd chapter, as soon as you leave Lyth'Myathar, you will see a drow run away from you and fall into one of the sinkholes atop the hill. If you follow him down, you can watch him talk about how you and your allies are doomed until a gelatinous cube comes up behind him, passes over him and leaves a skeleton in its wake. And finally, in the Mimic's Layer in Chapter 3, there is a mimic shapped like a treasure chest that you have to lure into a trap in order to continue. The trick is in the gems that it likes to eat, but it might also eat one of the scavenger rats, which it does by actually sucking it through the air and slamming the lid (i.e., its mouth) on it, which has a blood-splatter effect to accompany it.
New Zealand StoryVarious consolesAn old game where you play a cute little kiwi-bird with many weapons. One boss is a whale that has to swallow you, so you can shoot at the belly-walls inside him to defeat him. But gastric liquids drip from the whale's ceiling, and kill you if they touch you. Also there is some kind of anemone-enemy that swallows you when you come close enough
Ninja GaidenXboxIn this game you are a ninja that fights many giant boss monsters that are capable of performing a vorish attack. There are Dragon fiends that chomp on your upper body and fling you away. Around chapter 4 or 5 there is a tentacle monster boss with a quite lovely introduction: it grabs and eats a female cast member. Should you defeat the boss, a cut-scene plays where you get her back, all covered in salvia... You must fight a bone dragon, a giant animated dragon skeleton that has an attack where it attempts to bite you and if successful, chomps you a few times and throws you to the ground. There are sub-bosses that are giant worms and one of their attacks bites you and slams you against the walls for massive damage and flings you to the ground. Theres an Ice fiend that grabs you, chews you up, and throws you to the ground. Theres a giant flame dragon that, if it successfully bites you, chews on you attepting to eat you, but you break free at the last minute.
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseyPSXDifficult puzzle game in which you have to guide enslaved creatures out of a meat-packing plant before they are turned into tasty pies. In the later stages, there are several creatures that will rip you to shreads and devour you if you mess up. The game is beautifully drawn and animated, but the vore parts are very short.
Odell LakeApple/Mac
Ancient computer game allows you to participate in a food chain. Eat your prey, avoid being eaten by your predators. If you swim too deep, bigger fish will eat you; if you're too close to the surface, a bird might catch you. Edutainment, from Minnesota Educational Computer Consortium.
Open WaterPC/WindowsThis flash game is based on the movie "Open Water". You are a diver stranded out in the middle of the ocean surrounded by hungry sharks. The object is to shoot them with a spear gun before you are eaten alive.
OutcastPC/WindowsIn Outcast, you are going to help a guy to hunt down a big dinosaur. He gets eaten and then the dinosaur runs after you. If you stand still it will pick you up in its mouth, by your boots. You then hang from its jaws for awhile, until it throws you up in the air and into its waiting mouth...
Pac-ManVarious consoles
...and various other clones and incarnations of this classic maze chasing game. Run around a maze eating dots and ghosts.
The PagemasterPC/WindowsIn the haunted mansion (in Horror's level), Richie will come across a man-eating plant. He'll observe it the first time, but the next time he'll try to walk by and get eaten by it. (interesting swallowing sounds and "throat bulges") The screen'll go pitch black (along with some crashing sounds) and Richie will end back up outside through the drain pipe. The only way to get past the plant is to throw Horror's lifesaver (from his room) at it, which will attempt to eat it.
Paladin's QuestSNESIn the game, Paladin's Quest (known as Lennus in Japan), there is a scene where you enter a cave known as the 'Dragon Cave'. As you crawl through this cave, it looks remarkably like an internal organ, and you are constantly being attacked by parasites, viruses, amebas, and other creatures like this. And to top it all off, once you get to a certain point in the cave, a rush of 'water' pushes you in the direction you were walking, shoving you out a dragon's mouth. So it's quite obvious that it wasn't the mouth you came crawling in from! Probably the only example of anal vore in a video game ever... Also, the dragon's comments about you having upset its stomach are fairly amusing.
The humorous intro involves the main characters summoning a giant monster, which eats a city. Funny, vorish, but not graphic in the slightest.
Panzer Dragoon SagaSaturnThe first boss has an attack where he swallows you and your dragon up. The view changes just before it goes down the throat, and it slightly shows your character struggling inside the boss from a outside view.
Paper MarioN64In Paper Mario (also known as Super Mario RPG 2) you find a half-submerged whale in the bay. Do a Ground Pound on his head and he'll surface and ask you to fix a belly-ache (after he complains about Kolorado calling him a Tuna). He'll stick out his tounge and let you walk on in, the mouth area is simple and fun to play around in, move on to the stomach to find a little furry worm hopping around, after you fight and beat the worm the stomach will fill with water and spit you out the Blowhole on top!
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year DoorGamecube1The first boss real boss in the game is a dragon called Hooktail. "He's a menace for fly by snackings", as said by many of the townsfolk he terrorizes. When you battle him and his life reaches 0 he will back off the screen, saying that maybe he should run away. As soon as he is off the screen he suddenly dives back on screen, gulping down a few members of the audience watching the battle. He then gets some more HP and the battle continues; from there on out, attacks against Hooktail make him spit out a few audience members, who go running off the screen. After he is beaten, you still need to find the Crystal Star and all off a sudden it shows Hooktail laying belly up and a buldge coming back up his throat. A Koopa pops out, the father of another character you get in your party. He went to fight Hooktail ten years ago and was eaten and has been hiding in his shell, in Hooktail's belly, for ten years. Later in the game, you confront a pirate ghost boss who will, when he is down to 0 HP, swallow up the souls of half of the audience. There are minor encounters throughout the game with other creatures that have vorish themes, most notably Pirahna plants that threaten to devour you.
Parasite EvePSXThere's a really nice animation in this game where one of the bosses swallows a woman whole.
Parasite Eve 2PSXA boss about halfway through the game will suck in garbage and your character for one of its attacks. If you are too close to it while it is sucking in, it will swallow Aya whole. Another vore scene involves the final boss devouring a mutant named No. 9. He has a tentacle-like mouth that he closes right around the guy and slurps him up. No sound, but still pretty good.
Peter Pack-RatArcadeThere's a bulldog in the game where if he catches you, it shows him grabbing you into his mouth and starts shaking you around with your tail sticking out of it's mouth. And in some water levels, an alligator slides you down his mouth and grins afterwards.
PigoutArcadeOld game where you play one of three pigs, collect five jelly jars in a one screen level, while trying to dodge wolves and a butcher. If caught by a wolf, it does a cartoon-like dustcloud showing your struggling, before it shows the wolf with a bib and licking his chops. The butcher simply ties you up in a bag for later butchering. Vultures also chase you in the game, but no actual animation goes on if you're hit.
PikminGamecubeIn this strange real-time strategy game, you have to grow little flower creatures called "Pikmin" to help you gather parts for your spaceship on a strange planet. There are also big, lumbering creatures on the planet that will chase and devour your little Pikmin helpers!
Pikmin 2GamecubeExact same gameplay as original Pikmin, except Caption Olimar gets a partner for 2-player co-op mode. Most of the creatures are still in the game and will happily eat your Pikmin.
Pitfall!Atari 2600Run through the jungle in search of gold and diamonds... occasionally you'll have to cross a pond by jumping on the backs of sleeping alligators - but if you jump onto their open mouths... down you go!
Pitfall: The Lost ExpeditionGameboy Advance
Playstation 2
In parts of the jungle area of the game you'll have to cross water by jumping on the backs of crocdiles. If you go near them they will dive under and engulf you on the way back up. If don't do anything they will snap you up into the air and you'll fall down into their hungry jaws. For the WE fans out there, you can play as Harry's girlfriend, Nicole, with a cheat code. The code varies from system to system; on the PS2, it's: At title screen, hold L1 + R2 then hit LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, CIRCLE, UP, UP. On the Xbox: Hold L+R then hit LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, B, UP, UP.
Pokmon: Emerald VersionGameboy ColorIn the Hoenn Battle Frontier the entrance to one of the buildings is the maw of a giant Seviper. Unfortunately, the interior does not look like a snake's insides.
Postal 2PC/WindowsContains a few vore scenes, and suggestions of vore. One of your missions is to get steaks for the barbeque. "Sounds simple enough..." You go to a place called "meatworld", only to find in the back room that the steaks "are not that of a Cow". You then find a few butcher's laughing at a meat grinder, with human bodie's falling into it. If you get a fish finder, it acts like a mini map, and you can find a game for it where you move a little fish icon over one of the other fish icons (which are the various NPC's in the area), and "Voodoo" vore takes place on that NPC. Not very graphic, just another suggestive vore scene. When the character you play ("Postal Dude") kills sombody with the napalm launcher, he will say, "Mmm, that actually smells kind'a good..."
Primal RageVarious consoles
Street-fighter style fighting game with dinosaurs, but there are secret codes in the game that allow you to eat one of the cavemen in the background! After Sauron finishes the round, he has a fatality where he rips you apart and eats your pieces then lets out a huge burp. Another is Vertigo when she shrinks you and eats you.
Playstation 2
At one point towards the middle of the game a brain washed fish humanoid who we later find out is Linda comes out of nowhere and eats your girlfriend. In the boss battle that occurs 10-15 minutes later Linda uses an attack where she opens her mouth and sucks up nearby debris. If you get to close she swallows you! Than there's a 5 to 10 second animation of Raz (your main character)struggling in her belly before busting out the way you came in. Later after you free her mind and ask her where she took your girlfriend she eats you and takes you to the other side of the lake. She then gives you a magical shell to summon her. She'll eat you and regurgitate you on either shore as often as you'd like.
The PunisherVarious consolesWhen you are interagating one of the russian soldiers in the docks level you will start by holding him over a hungry shark and (if desired) yo can throw the helpless henchman to the shark. Another good vore moment happens in the jungle level where you are able to throw your enemy to a GIANT snake. There is also a piranna scene in the zoo level. (HINT: You can use a codebreaker code to disable the gray filter and better view the vore).
Quake 3: ArenaVarious consoles
There is a level in this 3D, first-person shooter in which you have to enter a giant mouth and walk to the back of it to pick up some bonus items.
Quest for Glory 4PC/WindowsIf you try and enter the monestary incorrectly, the creature guarding the door grabs at you, and the death message hints that you were just made a meal of not-so-subtly. And in the breath room near the end, if you work the puzzle incorrectly, a tentacle will slurp you up.
Radical RexVarious consolesAt the end of level 2 or 3, you skateboard right into the mouth of a brontosaurus. It swallows you and spits out your skateboard. The next level is spent inside it, fighting through its insides.
RampageVarious consoles
The macrophile's dream game - play one of three giant monsters and smash up cities and terrorize the helpless little people... oh, and eat them too :) Ulp!
Rampage World TourVarious consoles
Remake of Rampage sometime around 1999/2000 -- better graphics and more opportunities to gobble up people while trashing cities, but the same gameplay.
Ready 2 Rumble BoxingN64Afro Thunder sucks Butcher Brown into his mouth and swallows him whole to finish the round, then this huge imprint of Butcher Brown forms inside Afro Thunder's stomach. After the round is over Afro Thunder makes a comment: "I need to go on a diet!" (and then he burps.)
Ren & Stimpy: Veediots!SNESAt the end of the first level, Stimpy swallows Ren (who is pretending to be a mouse) and Ren must battle his way through Stimpy's mouth and fight the Tooth Beaver.
Resident Evil: OutbreakPlaystation 2there is little of this content really until you get to the senario "Decisions, Decisions". You run through a secret underwater laboratory and you come across these creatures called Hunter Gammas. If your in the water they'll grab your character and try to put you in their mouth until you become hurt enough that they can swallow your character whole.
Resident EvilPSXThere are several stages in this beautifully redered 3D adventure game where monsters will eat you, including a wonderfully done scene with a giant snake (you have to play with the camera and die a few times to get the best view for this one, but it's worth it when you do.) There have been a number of sequels to this game, most of which have at least one good animated vore scene...
Resident Evil 0GamecubeOne of the last enemies you meet at the end of the game: Giant frogs. They only have one attack: to wrap their tongue around the person you're controlling's leg and dragging them struggling in. Of course, if you don't struggle, in they go. Can be done with Billy or Rebecca, for you male or female vore fans.
Resident Evil 2PC/Windows
When you fight the alligator in the sewers, if you run all the way back to the door you came in from ,the alligator will snatch you up and toss you into the air and eat you. Also, at the end of the game when you fight William Birkin in the train in his final form: if Leon or Claire become weak enouph and are standing close to his mouth he will grab them and eat them.
Resident Evil 3: NemesisDreamcast
Playstation 2
There are large, froglike creatures in the game called 'Gamma Hunters', and they have a great finishing move... They swallow you whole, headfirst! And there are all sorts of different prerendered backgrounds in the game, so if you can get a Gamma Hunter to eat in in a specific one you'll get a better shot of Jill/Carlos being eaten! When you fight the giant worm, if it lowers your health enough it will elongate itself in the air and swallow you headfirst (not much of an animation though.)
Resident Evil 4GamecubeThe vore scene happens while you are going across a lake on a motor-boat, this huge fish-like creature attacks you and during this you are of course trying to kill it, but the boat's anchor hooks onto the fish and you are being taking around on the lake, the actual vore in this occurs when you hit some floating trees or such and go flying off of the boat, you get a chance to swim back before the fish catches up, but should you not make it... The fish comes up from underneath you and gets you whole inside of its mouth, you can see your character squirming around a bit and he does a little hollaring as well before the scene cuts to the "your dead" scene.
Resident Evil Director's CutPSXThere is a shark in this game named Neptune swimming around in the basement. If Chris or Jill get bitten enouph times he will jump towards them and eat them.
Resident Evil: Code: VeronicaDreamcast
Has a worm in it that swallows a man on the 2nd disc. Then you have to save him by killing the worm before the man dies inside its stomach. Also when you fight the gulp worm, if it manages to lower your health enough it will leap up out of the ground and swallow your player feet first.
Resident Evil: OutbreakPlaystation 2In the last scenario (Decision, Decision)there are these creatures called Hunters-y. If you get in the water they pick you up and shove you in their gigantic maws. When you get in danger conditions on land they will also shove you in their big mouths. The differences, in the water it's quicker but on land you see a really nice bulge. Both have really great sounds and graphics. There is also a shark called Neptune that grabs the characters and consumes them whole (male and female.)
Resident Evil: Outbreak File #2Playstation 2- AlligatorIn the scenario, Wild Things, there is an area called the Lakeside Area.In the huge lake is a big alligator. Its not as big as the alligator inResident Evil 2, but assuming it has been affected by the T-Virus aswell, it must have undergone some type of change. If you are in thewater, it will swim towards you, and jump out of the water to strike atyou. If you are low on health, it will eventually just pull you down,and you won't come back up, thus getting Game Over. If you are on theedge of land, and the alligator is near, it will come out of the water alittle bit, and try to bite your leg. If it grabs you, it will try todrag you in the water. If you are low on health, it will drag you downthe slope, toss you in the air, and you will land in its mouth. Then, itwill submerge itself in the lake, in which case your character dies. Youcan probably use your imagination for what the alligator does next...- Hunter Gamma The hunter gamma does the same thing it does in the first game. However, it does not appear in any of the main scenarios. It appears in one ofthe special scenarios that you have to unlock. They aren't very commonin this game, then again, for some reason, they aren't very common in anyResident Evil game, as they only show up just a few times. What thehunter gamma does, is try to slash your character with its claws, and iteven tries to jump at you. This happens if you are on land. If you arelow on health, it will attempt to swallow you, and will succeed unlessyou have a partner to help you out. In the water, the hunter gamma willsimply try to swallow you right there. You can get out, but if you arelow on health, in you go!- NyxThe final boss of the game in the main scenarios, is Nyx. If you get tooclose to Nyx, it will slam its giant paw on top of you. In this case, itwill "absorb" your character into its being. You will be shown as a partof the creature. Your virus guage will go up until you die.Unfortunately, the absorption is not much of an animation.- Plant VineIn the scenario, Flashback, there is a room called Intensive Care, whichis in the old abandoned hospital. The room is now populated by a bigplant creature, that has lots of vines coming out of it. Now, if you getright underneath the vine, the vine will strike at your character, andthe suction cup will go over your character's head, and lift them abovethe ground. Your character will place his/her hands on the suction cup,and will kick their legs. You can easily get out of it if you move thecontrol stick, or press other buttons. What the vine does is drain yourenergy. You can actually see the energy being sucked through the vines.(Almost like a snake swallowing its prey whole). When the vine doesrelease your character, the character bends down, puts their hands to their neck, and coughs.
RistarGenesisIn this game the boss of Planet Freon, Nekojita, will sometimes suck you in and chew on you for a few seconds.
Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous DaySNESGame for the SNES based on the NickToon "Rocko's Modern Life." You play as Rocko the wallaby and have to guide his dog, Spunky, through four stages, each with four levels in them, and do your darndest not to let the little guy get killed. Each stage is based off an episode of the show. In the second stage, based on the episode "Trash o' Madness," you have to guide Spunky through a garbage dump inhabited by, among other things, gigantic sentient garbage trucks with fanged mouths! At several points Rocko and Spunky must actually travel through the fearsome jaws of the trucks, and if you aren't fast enough, the trucks will chomp on them.
Roger Wilco: The Spinal FrontierPC/WindowsIt was rather amusing. To save the woman you love, you had to shrink yourself along with your spaceship to clear away the nanites in her stomach and brain. At one point you have to tickle her esophogus to dislodge a 'Twinkoid' so it can digest and clear out the nanites that block your path.
Rumble Roses XXXbox 360One of the girls special moves is she turns into a giant frog, sucks the opponent up and spits them out. If you do this in the second round of a street fight when the opponent is on low life, you will eat them.
Saga FrontierPSXYou can quest to obtain different schools of magic, and one of the quests for rune magic involves your ship being swallowed by a giant monster, and finding the rune inside its belly somewhere.
Sam And MaxPC/WindowsAt one point, you'll come across a Virtual Reality machine. Sam tries it out, and is faced with a more blocky, polygonized version of the game's graphics. The task is simple: take a sword, and go left, to an equally blocky dragon's lair, where you'll have to use the sword on the dragon. If you're too slow, however, the dragon swallows Sam whole, and on the outside, when asked if it was fun, Sam makes a comment to the effect of, "Okay, if you like the looks of a dragon's inside..."
Samuari Showdown 5 SpecialNeoGeoThere is a creature called Kusaregedou, a hideous demon with a big fat belly that wants to eat Rimururu. He has a fatality where he picks up the opponent, raises his hand as if in thanks, then leaps forward, landing in a laying position, partially offscreen with only his body from the belly down being shown. He then says "Itadaki masu," and starts eating the opponent with loud, gooey crunching sounds, his body wobbling as he eats the opponent. Once he finishes, he walks backwards onto the center of the screen, belches up the opponent's skull, looks at the player and says "Gojizouzamadechida." The move is called Gedo's Dinnertime.
Samurai Showdown 4ArcadeKyoshiro has an attack that summons a giant frog and swallow the opponent. A quick animation but the bulge is nice. Unfortunately, the victim is neither digested or spat out but rather, the frog explodes in a fiery fashion. This can be done in 5 as well.
SeamanDreamcastAn interesting game in which you have to raise a farm of frog-like creatures known as "Seaman." They have to be fed, and evetually will eat eachother.
Secret of EvermoreSNESRPG style game; there are some plants that will try to eat you in some parts of the adventure.
Secret of ManaSNESAn adorable dinosaur monster shows up in a couple of places in this RPG; during combat, it will catch your characters with a long tongue, swallow them, and sit with this *huge* belly until one of your other characters smacks it and makes it cough up its lunch. Quite a sight! The sequel game also has a guest appearance by this dinosaur monster (Secret of Mana 2, a.k.a. Seiken Densetsu 3, not released outside Japan; there is a English translated ROM floating around the intertnet, however.)
Seiken Densetsu 3SNES(Note: This game was the sequel to Secret of Mana, and was not released outside of Japan; fan subs are available in English.) In the Sub Zero Snowfield, there is a lizard that comes up in the daytime (the same one from Soul of Mana 1) that uses the tech "Gulp, Gulp" and eats one of your charecters and contains them in its stomach until attacked. Very nice belly bulge.
Series of Unfortunate EventsGameboy Advance Once you reach the reptile house, there will be a giant snake around somewhere. If you get to close to it, it will swallow you. You then tap A to get spat back out. So you can choose to be free or get digested. There are three characters to pick from, a boy, a girl and a baby girl.
Shark AttackAtari 2600One or two players control divers who swim a kind of underwater maze, avoiding hungry sharks and, occasionally, the Loch Ness monster! (Originally released under the title Lochjaw.)
Shark! Shark!IntellivisionIt's survival of the fittest in the deep, dark waters of the ocean. And you're just a little fish! You must eat smaller fish to stay alive and grow. But you're not the only one struggling for survival. Bigger fish are out to eat you. Beware, the most feared predator of all is on your tail. Shark, Shark! One or two-player action.
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil SagaPlaystation 2In this innovative sequel to Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturn, an integral part of gameplay is "hunting." You use hunting to eat monsters/enemies in order to recover health, gain more points, etc. All of your characters can turn into demon things, thus they can hunt and gain strength, there are a whole ton of hunting skills.
Shrine Circus TycoonPC/WindowsIn the Penguin Act, one of the trainer's tricks involves holding up two fish. The first he tosses into the penguin's beak, and the second he tosses into his own mouth (he looks a lot like a penguin, so it sort of make sense). The lion tamer screws up when he attempts his head-in-mouth trick too early. The lion clamps down on his head and tosses him around before (unfortunately) releasing him. If the lion tamer screws up really bad, the lion chases him off stage, and if you have a Lv. 2 or higher tent, the ringmaster comes out and says 'Watch out Jack. Spike looks a little hungry today.' The tiger act involves a woman dressed as an English professor and uses a blackboard to direct her tigers to do tricks (one does basic math problems, the other gets the problem 'tiger implies flaming hoop'). She screws up, however, by writing tiger + herself = beef...
Silent HillPSXThe first boss is a big slightly lizard-looking zombie-creature. After you damaged it a bit, it starts to open its mouth (looks a bit strange, because itopens the mouth in a horizontal way) and tries to bite down on you. If it gets you, it holds you between its (toothless) jaws for a while and chomps a bit and squeezes you to death between its jaws. Sadly it doesn't swallow you, but just lets your lifeless body go afterwards.
Sim Theme ParkPC/WindowsIn this Theme park managing sim on the Jungle park which is the first one you get you can build a slide called slither which is a giant snake. When guests go down it it shows a nice bulge and then the mouth opens at the end with a burp. You can also ride down it yourself and watch it from the inside... You can slow down the rides speed so you go down a little slower.
The classic game of black ants fighting red ants. There's a spider (that you can play as!) thrown in as well, happily munching on whatever gets in its way. Antlions also inhabit holes that you can step into to get an animation of it happily crunching you up.
Sims 2 (University)PC/WindowsThere is a new Career Rewards in the Uni expansion pack - the Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (better known as the Cow Plant, as it's a giant potted plant with a cow's head). After a Sim feeds it a piece of meat, it sticks its tongue out which has a piece of cake on the end. Sims can then be directed to, or autonomously, try to grab the cake. The cow plant snatches it away and sniffs the Sim, who tries to push it away. Then it tempts them with the cake again. When they jump to get it, it snatches it away again and then swallows the Sim whole, before spitting out a gravestone. Another Sim can then drink the remains of the Sim collected in the plant's udders, adding 3 days to their life in the process.
The Sims: Bustin' OutVarious consoles
There is a logic builder tool which lets you incubate carnivorous plants which, if kept in good health, will grow into giant man-eating plants that will devour your sims unless watered them daily. Apart from the obvious in-game vore that this leads to, there is also some FMV vore. Throughout quest mode, you will constantly be plagued by a local millionaire named Malcolm Landgrabb (whenever you move in somewhere, he shows up and steals all the expensive accessories.) When you finally advance in your own career enough to evict Malcolm from his own mansion and reach the highest point in your chosen career path, there is an FMV to celebrate your victory which shows you (in POV) arriving in a private helicopter to a party on a cruise line. As everyone is cheering for you, Malcolm climbs up out of the water and flops breathless onto the deck. Depending on what career you've chosen, exactly what happens to Malcolm at the party will be different. In the case of the Mad Scientist career track, Malcolm runs into Vaughn (a co-worker of yours from Shiny Things Inc.), who proceeds to hypnotize him, then presents him with a fully-grown carnivorous plant... And you can probably guess what follows. Its hilarious too, because not only is the full vore sequence on screen and in FMV, but since Malcolm, in one way or another, got under everyone's skin durring quest mode, the entire party in the background is cheering for the plant.
Slash 'EmPC/WindowsAn updated Nethack; supposedly this game has some vore scenes in it that are much better than Nethack (which wouldn't be hard to do, since Nethack is a text-based game...)
Snake Rattle And RollNESWeird platformer in which you play a snake that has to go around and eat little balls to make itself longer, while avoiding obstacles. The actual process of trying to eat things is amusing, with animated tongue movements and chomping.
Something FishyApple/Mac
Shockwave game, you play a fish that eats smaller fish, and as he eats, he grows and can eat bigger fish! Bigger and bigger as your score gets higher...
Sonic AdventureDreamcastHas a blob monster that eats you if it sucks you up; it's around the end of the game somewhere.
Sonic HeroesVarious consolesIn the game Sonic Heroes. Team Chaotix has a crocodile named Vector. When you put Vector in the lead he'll hold Charmy and Espio in his mouth, sadly he doesn't eat them. Plus in the Second Act in the Jungle Level, you'll be chased by a giant alligator. Of course he won't eat you whole, you'll just lose rings.
Space AceArcadeSimilar to the Dragon's Laire games, this is an animated cartoon that you control to maneuver the main character through. There are a few scenes with vore.
Space Channel 5DreamcastHas a vore scene where a big ballerina dancing robot sucks you up with his tongue (you're just rolled up in the tongue, not inside it.)
Space Quest IPC/WindowsIf you go outside in a particular area you get eaten by a snake with many eyes (you see Roger's legs sticking out...) There is some vore/implied vore if you fail the arcade part with the scooter, too.
Space Quest 2PC/WindowsHas some vore in it, most involving plants, but the animations are not very explicit.
Space Quest 3PC/WindowsThere are some vore ending sequences, one where you're swallowed by a BIG snake, and another where you're eaten by some pods; there's blood in the second one.
Space Quest 4PC/WindowsPoor Roger can be eaten by a giant sea slug or be dissolved by slime -- thus earning you pictures of 'slime chow' and 'slug chow' on your death message, among other vore deaths. A catalog of all of the possible ways to die in the game is here: http://tmd.alienharmony.com/rw/index.htm
Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal FrontierPC/WindowsAs you progress towards the end of the game, Roger's co-worker Stella is critically sick/infected with something. Roger is shrunk down (along with a small spaceship) and injected inside her. No swallowing, but Roger can explore her stomach, intestines and oesophagus, as well as being eaten by a tapeworm, and little robots called Nanites...he can also jump into the stomach acid but, after a struggle, will dissolve into nothing more than a skeleton.
Space Quest: A Lost ChapterPC/WindowsA fan made the game over a period of two years in AGI. The first section of the game occurs in a jungle. Most of the ways Roger dies in there involve vore, mostly with plants, some with fish. The graphics are 1989ish, but the vore sequences actually show Roger being eaten. (as opposed to him just disappearing and then getting a message that he was.) It's a free download, if you can find it...
Spy vs. Spy: The Island AdventureVarious consoles
Atari XL
If you try to swim off the island without all of the items you are supposed to have collected, a shark greets you instead of a submarine..
Spyro The DragonPSXThere are some kind of halloween dogs in one stage that gobble you upand munch you little before spitting you out. In another stage there is tree that does the same, except if you die in its mouth it doesn't spit you out but starts to happily digest you. In the first world, there is a big stone dragon maw that opens to let you access a later stage; in the final world, all stages have dragon maws for entrances :)
Spyro The Dragon 2: Ripto's RagePSXThere is a minigame where dinosaurs try to eat cavemen. Your job is to fry those dinos before they can devour the hapless cavemen. If a dinosaur reaches a caveman, it tosses it in air, jumps up to catch it, munches it and spits the bone that the caveman was wearing in its hair.
Spyro The Dragon 3: Year of The DragonPSXThere is a whale swimming in the main ocean level. It will swallow Spyro, and inside of its stomach there is a dragon egg. After collecting the egg, the whale spits Spyro out. Sadly, after that the whale loses its appetite.
Star Control 3PC/WindowsThe reptillian Harika will demonstrate the eating of their symbiotes, the fluffy Yorn, when you first meet them. As it's done with only a handful of video frames with motorized puppets from 1996, that can't even give the illusion of swallowing, it just ends up looking kind of silly.
Star Fox CommandNintendo DSIn the scenario "Fox and Krystal" the final boss has an attack where he starts sucking things into his mouth, including your arwing. You have to use the breaks to resist but if he manages to catch you, he will chew you for a few moments then spit you out making statements such as "whoa that ain't so good" and "I gobble you up like a little snack".
Star Ocean: The Second StoryPSXThere is a monster that is just a blue mass of mutated flesh with a mouth. If you get too close to it, it opens its mouth and chomps ya in. Sadly, the only animation the game shows is the monster opening its mouth, your character disappearing, and the monster closing its mouth again. You can find it in the Battle Arena in Fun City on the second disk, if you do a Bullying Battle on A Rank. (It should be the second fight.) There are also yellow ones, but they're slower and don't seem to eat you.
Star TropicsNESIn one of the later chapters of the game, your submarine will be swallowed by a giant whale. The next level is a dark maze inside the whale.
Star Wars: Battlefront 2PC/WindowsIn the Jabba's palace level you can fall or walk to the Rancor's chamber. The big guy just stands there, but he'll grab you and swallow you whole. A nice ten second scene and a kicking stromtrooper snack.
Star Wars: Bounty HunterPC/WindowsNear the end of the game, there is apparently a cutscene where a Krayt dragon swallows a Hutt (not Jabba) down whole.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyVarious consolesYou can be either gender in this game (as well as some alien species) and there are two rancors that will pick you up. The first time they pick you up, they will just sniff you and then put you down. The second time they will bite you in half, shove any remains in its mouth, and swallow you. Occasionally it'll chew on you a bit before it bites you in half. There is also a level with giant sand worms that will swallow you whole if you stand still on top of the sand.
Blizzard's legendary real-time strategy game. One of the Zerg units (the Defiler) can "consume" other units to replenish spell points, leaving only a bloody mess afterwards.
StarFox 64N64The final boss is none other than Andross, and he has an interesting attack where he'll suck all the matter in the area (including Fox) into his mouth, and if he catches you, he chews on you for a good few seconds and spits you back out. If you managed to escape, then he just spits matter at you to damage your ship.
Starfox AdventuresGamecubeThe first boss in this game swallows you whole and you get to play aroundin its belly! The FAQs/strategy guides for the game go into detail about this, where you have to get swallowed, beat on the boss's uvula, get spit out, fight it on the outside, get swallowed AGAIN, and then you finally beat it. Fun times :) In the Krazoa Shrine, whenever you return a spirit as Fox, after you release a spirit, you get sucked into the statues open mouth and teleported back to ThornTail Hollow. Also, the final boss of the game, Andross ( a big monkey head) has an attack where he sucks your Spaceship into his mouth. Interesting chewing and swallowing sounds, then your spit out the other side of him, wich is a giant Krazoa head.
StarFox/StarWingSNESA highly impressive game for the SNES using Super FX graphics for a near-3D effect. The final boss, Andross, has the tradition suck-in-and-spit-back-out technique in which all nearby matter (including the player) is sucked into Andross's mouth and given MAJOR damage before being spat back out. If the player has successfully avoided this attack, Andross will continue to attack by spitting matter at the player. The only way to defeat Andross is by shooting his/its eyes, which are his/its weak points.
StonekeepPC/WindowsDungeons and Dragons style RPG game. In the dragon feeding ground, level 6, find the dragon's head and have a conversation with the dragon. The dragon will inform you that he will eat you if you do not set him free...
The Story of Thor 2SaturnOne of your hero's 'summons' is a venus fly-trap deity called Bawu of which one of his functions is to consume obstructing objects such as a giant iron ball and to deal with invicible enemies that cannot be harmed by petty pointy swords. When eating he munches on his victim (with sounds) before swallowing his meal with a satiated squishy sound. You also see a bulge travel down his 'stem' down into the ground, where one can assume his 'belly' is.
Stretch PanicPlaystation 2You play as Linda who must free her sisters from a demons' curse. She will face two bosses with voreish attacks. The first one is Cindy, who is has a giantic head, and sometimes will suck you into her and chew. When she spits you back out, you can hear her comment "tasty!". The second one is Jelly-chan who is a green blob that will absorb you sometimes and fling you back out.
Suikoden 2PSXSuikoden 2 is the sequel to one of the first and great 2D RPGs on the original Playstation. About an hour or two into the game, you can find a girl in Ryube Village who has lost her pet. Upon finding 'Bonaparte', you realize it's hostile and must fight it. Its main attack is to inhale one of your characters, chew him a little, then spit him back out. Once you beat him, you get to add Bonaparte and Millie, the girl, to your party, where she can summon the little creature to chew on enemies as well. Also, a bit later in the game there are enemies called creepers, which are basically pitcher plants that gobble you up.
Super Adventure IslandSNESOne level you go out in a boat, and then watch an animation of a whale jumping out of the water, and swallowing the hero. The rest of the level is played inside the whale.
Super BonkSNESOn the level called "Jurassic Sea", you can be swallowed by some fat little sea monsters with pigtails and giant red lips called pafpafs. You then have to navigate inside the body of the pafpaf, going through its digestive system, in order to get out (before you're digeseted!) One level is a 'giant' world, where you do various things. To beat the level you go into a huge glass of pop or something, and get sucked up by this straw. It just happens to lead into the mouth of a huge hungry Trex! The next level takes place inside the TRex's body.
Super Mario 64N64In several stages, there is a large fish that looks like it is wearing sunglasses in the water. If you get in its path, it will swallow Mario whole. In the Tiny/Huge Island level, if you are tiny and swim in a certain area, a giant fish will come and swallow you.
Super Mario 64 DSNintendo DSA port of the original 3D platformer to the curiously joystick-less Nintendo DS. This one actually has you playing as Yoshi from the start, and one of the first tasks has you catching a bunny in your mouth. He/she promptly freaks out, unfortunately not granting you the opportunity to swallow. You do get to eat about everything else, though, and since just about all of the main game is intact, the other instances of vore in the original are probably intact as well.
Super Mario Bros. 3NESIn the Water World stages, there's a giant cheap-cheap that will jump out of the water and gulp you down whole.
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGameboyTheres a water zone on mario land, with a whale at the bottom of the map. As you pass through the next few levels, you will play inside the whale to find the boss.
Super Mario RPG: Secret of the Seven StarsSNESIn the sewers near the beginning of the game, there is a boss named Belome, who when starting the battle will say "Eep! It's a snack attack! And YOU'RE it!" (or something close to that) and then in the battle, he will lick your charecters as an attack, and after he has licked your froggy buddy once, he will swallow him whole.
Super Mario SunshineGamecubeThere are various people sucked into slimelike monsters; Yoshi can slurp up monsters and fruit with his tongue. In one stage you go into a bottle to get red coins, in it large fish swim around eating smaller fish and if you get to close they trap your head in their mouth. After getting the aforementioned coins you must go inside the mouth of a giant eel and clean its teeth -- it occasionilly will suck you down, close its mouth, and Sludd will complain about the darkness before the eel spits you out.
Super Mario WorldSNESJust like Yoshi's Island, there are places where fishes will try and eat you, except in this game there is more of them. Yoshi, as always, can swallow enemies. He rarely lays eggs (which come out to be mushrooms).
Super Monkeyball 2GamecubeIn one level you are swallowed by a whale and have to complete the courses to escape. The being swallowed sequence is amusing and in the backgournd of all the courses you can see red, shiny, pulsing walls.
Super Princess PeachNintendo DSPeach has a semi-intelligent umbrella (Perry) as a companion who can swallow enemies whole to increase Peach's vibe meter (which she uses to unleash special abilities). Also, in the first world, the pirhana plants, much like in the SNES Yoshi's Island, will engulf Peach and spit her out, decreasing her life. Also, the first boss, Petey Pirhana, enters by engulfing a Toad. Unfortunately, Peach doesn't get eaten.
Super Smash Bros. MeleeGamecubeAll vore scenarios with Yoshi and Kirby are intact, however, no new vore-inducing characters are introduced. Kraid from the "Brinstar Depths" level occasionally threatens to devour the players, though since he is a non-playable character and only affects the stage's rotation, he can't really swallow anybody...
Super Smash BrothersN64Both Yoshi and Kirby are in this game, and both have attacks involving gobbling up other players. Kirby has to suck in other players with his vacuum maw to get their powers; once you engulf another player, you can waddle around while huge with them inside you :) Yoshi's vore move is to flick his tongue, and if he catches someone, he eats them and then pops them out as an egg. Be sure to go into training mode, as you can set the speed to slo-mo and watch the vore in slow-motion :)
SWAT Kats: The Radical SquadronSNESBased on the 1993-1994 Hanna-Barbara TV series, this game has you playing as either T-Bone or Razor and going through various levels based on various episodes of the show. In level one, based off the episode "The Giant Bacteria," you have to face a giant purple bacteria blob. To defeat it you have to let it eat you and go down its throat and destroy its heart.
Tales of PhantasiaSNESAn RPG beyond RPGs of its time...It has voices! Much later in the game (or by using Cheats) Klarth the wanna-be magic caster can learn to summon a chameleon that will instantly kill, or in this case eat, one foe. You only get to see the head however, and the animation is short, but still a nice throat bulge can be seen before the chameleon takes off again.
Tales of SymphoniaGamecubeIn the forest in Heimdall there is a monster called "carnivorous plant", and if you get too close it will stick out its tounge and try to pull you into its maw. Your charecter usually blocks automatically but if you face away from it it, it will almost always get you. Your charecter is pulled inside and damaged a litle (nice struggling animation) and is then spit back out. This attack cannot kill you. If you set your ally control to manual, they won't kill it.
Taz ManiaSNESIn this game you play the well-known Taz, the Tasmanian Devil from the Warner Brothers cartoon. The goal of the game is to run over the road and eat as manu kiwi birds as possible within the time limit. Each level requires you to stuff more live kiwi birds in your mouth!
Tecmo KnightArcadeAn old-school fighting side-scrolling arcade game where it takes place in medieval times and you play as one of the knights who are fighting for the side of good. The only vore in the game is after your character dies three times, it shows him in the mouth of some huge monster, and as the time ticks away, the jaws slowly close down on him, and thus finishes him off at the count of zero.
Temple of Elemental EvilPC/WindowsA RPG game based off of an old classic Dungeons and Dragons module of the same name, updated to at least partially implement the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 rule set... In the original paper-and-dice AD&D module, there were some giant man-eating frogs by the moathouse. Lo and behold, take your party to the location, and watch as they get devoured one by one. The vore is not too well animated, but it does exist.
TempoGenesisA platform game for Genesis/32X that has one whole vore oriented level, with Tempo first walking into a dog's mouth, and the rest of the level in it's digestive tract. There are also flytraps in the level that eat Tempo.
Tenchu 2: Birth Of The Stealth AssassinsPSXWhen you reach the level in the bamboo forrest (playing as Ayame, you may be able to do it with Rikimaru as well) at the end, the boss apears with a tiger. He starts talking, and eventually the tiger looks to Ayame.The boss says something like 'he likes you. you shall have the honor of being eaten by...' he then turns to Rikimaru and says 'as for you, unsavory man, you will have to settle for being killed by me.' Ayame fights the tiger, Rikimaru fights the boss. There's no actual vore (not even in the losing animation) but, it's close...
TerranigmaSNESAn RPG where you have to revive the world... near the end of the game, there are cube monsters (think of slimes, but cube shaped) that if you dont kill them but rather try to touch them, they absorb you, sucking up your HP while you move around until you knock them off.
The Incredible Toon MachinePC/WindowsCertain puzzles involve you feeding Sid (the mouse) to Al (the cat), with a nice animation touching it off. While not necessarily vore, there are also objectives where you need to feed an elephant a peanut, and she'll happily suck it into her trunk.
The Ocean HunterArcadeThere's plenty of people getting swallowed or chewed on by mostly sharks and various big fish in both in the intro and throughout the game. At the end of the intro, it shows the two main characters swimming into Leviathan's open jaws.
Threads of FatePSXThis is an Action/Adventure RPG where you take on the role of either a male trying to revive his dead love, or a female out to conquer the world. If you choose the female one of your levels will be a forest type area where you fight a tribe of primitives. After battling through them you end up near a lake in the forest with the games female villain Belle, who is then sucked up by a giant whale/shark thing that lives in the lake. The ensuing battle between you and the whale/shark has you on a raft in the lake, trying to avoid the same fate as Belle, while also aiming into the open mouth of the creature. If you get sucked in you take damage and are then spit out, bummer. After the fight you are about to walk away when the monster's mouth opens and Belle crawls out, commenting that she's sticky.
Tomb Raider 2PC/WindowsThere is a level called "40 fathoms", where Lara is completely in theocean. So, head to the boat and two sharks will follow you but only oneshould enter the boat. The sharks normally just grab Lara chew on herthen throw her away to the side somewhere, but if you have her float inthe first room of the boat in the corner when the shark comes he doesn'tthrow her -- he swallows her whole! (with some struggling of course :) )Near the end of the first level, there is a large pit with a zipline across it. If you can get down without dying, there are two T-Rex's whick will grab Lara in their maws and shake here violently for a good ten seconds... no swallowing though.
Tomb Raider: LegendVarious consolesIn the level "England - King Arhur's Tomb" there is an interactive cut scene (a cinematic that has you pressing the buttons shown on screen to survive) near the end of the level involving a giant sea serpent in a chasm with water at the bottom. Depending on when you press the buttons(or dont press in this case), three things can happen. 1. Lara will slide down a slope and the serpent will rise from the water at the bottom of the chasm and catch her in its mouth (Lara will scream too ;)), chew on her a bit, and then slurp her further back into its mouth where you cant see her. Thus assuming it swallows her right then. 2. Lara will jump off the slope to avoid the serpent, and instead the serpent will catch her in midair, toss her playfully up in the air and Lara then falls into the serpents waiting maw and gets swallowed whole(Lara screams a couple times during this). 3. Lara will jump from the slope, grapple to the other end of the chasm, will shoot the serpent a bit, and then starts running away. Right as she starts running, however, the serpent catches her in its mouth and lowers back into the water with Lara's legs dangling out of its mouth. Sadly, it dosen't show anything beyond that but the other two scenes more then make up for it given that are also all very well animated. Also, before this interactive cut scene there is a boss battle with another sea serpent. If you fall in the water during the fight, it will catch Lara in its mouth, and toss her back onto dry land. Sadly thats the most that happens with that serpent.
Tomba!PSXEarly in the game, there are plants that engulf you to teleport you to another part of the stage; good animation.
Torin's PassagePC/WindowsThere are a few hand-drawn vore scenes in this game. One near the beginning of the game involves a swamp monster.
TrogVarious consoles
Maze game in which you control dinosaurs and collect eggs in a maze, while avoiding hungry cavemen - if they catch you, you're lunch. But find the magic pineapple, and the tables turn as you grow into a giant T-Rex... yummy cavemen...
Near the very end of the last level (level 8), you have to kill two bosses, and the first one is a cybered-out T-Rex. Should the T-Rex defeat you, he grabs Turok in its mouth and shakes him a bit until he doesn't fight back, then he gulps Turok down in three head-bobbing swallows, and finally he lets out a raucous belch, accompanied by a few of the feathers of Turok's headdress floating out of its mouth. While there's no visible bulge of Turok going down the beast's throat, the gulping action more than makes up for it! :) Of course, the game is a pain in the keister to get through no matter how you slice it. However, some handy cheat codes do exist to make life easier for the vore fan. If you enter the cheat code 'NTHGTHDGDCRTDTRK', you will then be able to warp directly to the T-Rex, not to mention get infinite lives, thus allowing you to just sit there and watch the hungry dino gobble Turok over and over without having to lift a finger! :)
Turok: EvolutionPlaystation 2There's a vore death scene in the final battle of the game. The primary antagonist (a human) strides into battle atop a T-rex that is outfitted with a pair of chain guns and flame throwers. If you die, at least by being bitten, the T-rex grabs you, shakes you around a little, then gulps you down, belching while the antagonist laughs. Also, sometimes when the T-rex pauses to roar, you can get a brief but impressive view of the beast's throat.
The Typing of The DeadDreamcast
A typing tutor based on the lightgun-shootout game House of The Dead 2, players have to type words that appear on-screen to "shoot" zombies and other monsters. In some scenes in the game, unlucky bystanders get munched by zombies or giant snake monsters.
UFAPC/WindowsThis is a flash game where you play as aliens that humiliate the earth! On the last level, you have to feed humans to a beast called Magyar. To do this, scare the humans with your lazer to Magyar's mouth. Not good animation, but about 30 humans get swallowed!
Unreal IIPC/WindowsYou get to visit several different planets with different environments. One planet is an entire living creature -- its surface is skin and hair. There are several different little mouths and one big huge mouth. You have to go into the big mouth, into its body to retrieve an alien artifact. (You're basically inside the creature's stomach, but there are no digestive fluids or traces of any prior meals...) At the very end, you detonate an explosive device and the planet's immune system attacks you. This involves a green fluid that pours out of the creaturw, which may be blood or the creature's digestive juices...
The UrbzGameboy Advance If you go to the bayou, there are carnivorous plants. If you don't press A in time, they drag your character over to them with their roots, then swallow you down. Not much to it, but still humorous.
Vampire SaviorSaturnThe backgrounds in this fighting game have various vore and implied vore aspects; in particular, in "Green Scream", there's a set of pitcher plants that capture and devour a lizard at the end of a match.
Vampire: The Masquerade - BloodlinesPC/WindowsBeside the basic Vampire stuff, there are a few places in the game with implied and very poorly viewed vore like the bottom of the Condemned Hospital. And if you are really bored, you can play a Gangrel and play around with the Wolf spell, or mess around with the "Pretty Much Unkillable Werewolf."
Vampire: The Masquerade-RedemptionPC/WindowsThere's a huge boss monster called the Vozhd. For its special attack it grabs your character, lifts him or her up, and bites your head off like a lollipop! Then it tosses your corpse to the ground.
Variable Geo AdventurePC/WindowsIn this game you play as a girl named Tamao fighting puzzle matches agenst your possessed friends. Depending on if you win or lose, you either become one of the "mind slaves" or go on to free the other fighters. Upon reaching Tamao's Mentor, the girl Yuka, two things can happen. If you win, you save her and are treated to a boring scene... otherwise, you see Tamao losing and a giantess scene where Tamao is swallowed.
Playstation 2
In the underwater world in the middle of the game there is a giant fish that will swallow you if you get to close to its head ; then you get to play in its stomach in a little boat for a while! There is also a T-rex thing that will eat you in one stage.
Viewtiful JoeGamecubeSuperhero parody with comic book-styled graphics. Boss of the 3rd level is an anthropromorphic shark. One of his attacks is to shoot junk out of his mouth, including chunks of metal and Nintendo Gamecubes! Another attack is to go nuts, running around the place and chomping his teeth. If he catches you, he holds you in his mouth and shakes you about as you lose life. You must break free by pushing buttons and moving the stick or else he'll eventually kill you with the attack! -=-=- Best proof I can give of this is an FAQ: http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/gamecube/file/viewtiful_joe_b.txt - do a search for "Gran Bruce" - that's the boss's name. A direct quote from the FAQ: "Bruce charges up and then goes around the arena trying to eat you. Underwater, Bruce moves FAST. If he catches you, struggle with the control stick so that it deals only 1 heart's worth of damage."
Warcraft IIIApple/Mac
In the game, there is an Orcish unit called the Kodo Beast that is capableof devouring non-Hero ground units. The creature looks sort of like a bigrhino, and the animation for devouring is pretty nice: the Kodo lumbers overto the targeted unit, extends it's neck and opens it's jaws wide to snapdown the unfortunate creature. Then, for however long it takes to digest the creature (ones with more HP take longer), the Kodo cannot eat another one. Upon the death of the eaten creature, the Kodo opens its mouth and coughs out a bone.
Wario Ware: TwistedGameboy Advance There is a minigame where you have to avoid being chomped by a crocodile, and another where you're charged with putting all kinds of objects - often people or live critters - into someone's mouth. In Fronk's set, there's a game where you have to get a dolphin to eat Fronk. In Crygor's set, there's a game where you have to work a piece of food through a person's (heavily stylized) digestive system. In Dribble & Spitz's set, there's a game where you're a vaguely frog-like thing and you have to hop to eat bugs.
Wario WorldGamecubeLight-hearted adventure game starring a greedy treasure hunter. First off, if Wario falls down a pit, rather than lose life, he ends up in an underground cavern filled with flying ghost dog heads (I kid you not). If the heads bite down on Wario, he'll be stuck inside their mouth as they comically swing him from side to side, spilling out his money. You need to jerk the control stick to break free. Also, the boss of 3-1 is a Medusa head-like thing riding on bubbles. If its eyes turn red, looking into its eyes causes it to turn into beams of light which fly into Wario's open mouth as he's stunned, causing Wario to inflate to absurd proportions while his bloated body floats over to some spikes. Again, you can break free of this by hitting the control stick and A button. The boss of 3-2 is a giant spider. One of his attacks is to shoot out several globes you can hold onto - similar to the globes scattered throughout the game. He then pulls the globes toward his mouth. Should you fail to jump off in time, Wario ends up with his lower half in the spider's mouth being spun around rapidly in a comical fashion before being spat out.
Warioland IIGameboy ColorThe first boss is a giant snake that scoots back and forth. If he catches you in his jaws, he swallows you whole with a cute little expression on his face, then proceeds to take a short nap. A little egg pops out his other end, flies up through the roof (for some reason or another), then hatches you out. You end up a short distance from the boss room, which lets you do it all over again. Later in the game, there's a hidden stage that features a giant fish that gulps you down, then spits you back out.
WarioWare: Touched!Nintendo DSNot necessarily vore in this game but is slightly suggestive. In one minigame you have to grab a hold of a child's tongue and guide it to pieces of candy floating on the screen, then back into the child's mouth. In another you have to remove Metroids from Samus's head (in a spoof on the NES Metroid) to keep her from dying. In the last boss stage, you have to explore a giant nose and safely guide Wario to the "treasure" by dodging crusty boogers and nose hairs. While not necessarily vore it still makes for a good laugh.
Whomper StomperVarious consoles
Atari XL
Bizarre game in which you controlled a disembodied foot, and had to stop ants before they could get to your picnic lunch. If you missed some of the ants, an anteater waiting on the far side of the screen would slurp them up with a tremendous sucking noise.
Wild ArmsPSXA demon in the game gets eaten my the super being that was supposed to help him... nice crunch sound :)
Wizardry 8PC/WindowsThere are Swallowers, Brekek (a giant frog), Nessie (a seamonster), an enveloping slime, and a "Helligator". All of the above havespecial attacks on their melee bite where they will swallow whole one ofyour party members. To make matters worse (or better in my case) themissing party member(s) take digestive damage each round they are gone, and the only way to free him/her is by killing the monster. And ofcourse if all your party members are eaten it's game over. The onlydownside is you don't actually see the character disappear into themonster, as it shows entire 1st person views. You only see the monsteropen its mouth wide and the game gives a message that they've beenswallowed.
World EaterPC/WindowsA game where you "grow" a spaceship that, when completed, can eat entire planets.
XenogearsPSXNear the beginning and end of the second disc (About 50-75 hours through the game), you have access to the first Anima Relic dungeon. There's a monster in it named Death Eater. If you use a non-elemental deathblow against it, it runs up to you, grabs you with its tongue, and swallows you whole. Brief animation, but spiffy!
Yoshi's IslandSNESAside from Yoshi eating enemies left and right with that special tongue of his, there's a stage late in the game where Yoshi and Mario get magically shrunk and swallowed by a frog, and you have to fight your way out of its belly; it's very cute.There are also places where fishes will jump up and swallow you if you don't move fast enough through the water.
Yoshi's StoryN64Marks the return of baddie-swallowing and the giant fishes. Some just jump, others spit water at you to make you fall right into their waiting mouths. There's some nice detail here, too, with the 'hearts' system used for marking points (a bubble appearing over the Yoshi's head when they swallow something, showing just how happy the swallowed item/critter makes it) repeated. There is a level FILLED with Pirahna Plants. There are two kinds that will eat you, and you'll lose a flower petal, but when you're out of petals, they can't kill you, so you can repeatedly be devoured! One flies around and grabs Yoshi with it's tounge and slurps him up (with a sound effect too), holding him in its stomach then burping him out. There is another that just sits on the ground and eat Yoshi if he jumps on him. In both cases when they spit Yoshi out he is shrunk.
Yu-gi-oh Forbidden MemoriesPSXTheres a monster called Niwatori, its flavortext mentions that it swallows enemies whole and uses their essence as energy. Unfortunately it never uses this ability in the game....
Zoo TycoonPC/WindowsAny of your animals can escape. Some of your more vicious will chase the park guests all over while they scream (men and women.) If you have the dinosaur digs expansion pack, it's even better. If they get a chance, they pick them up with their mouths and shake them around a bit. Unfortunately, they don't slide down to a digestive prison, but are put back down to be chased again. They can also be stomped, but they don't squish either. You can feed adult guests of the zoo to sperm whales, great white sharks and some others. All of the sharks actually eat the visitors, but only the Great White features the legs sticking out of its mouth as it chews them. Also, while only the T-Rex truly eats guests, all of the carnivorous dinosaurs attack them by shoving them partially or fully into their jaws (in fact, the Baby Allosaurus not only throws them up and swallows them in one gulp, he seems to poop them out afterwards as well). The graphics are not very detailed, but it worth!

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