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A Closed Mouth Gathers No FootBrian Sutton
Antarctic Press
November 1996
Comic BookThis was a short bit in Furrlough #47. Furry AD&D style adventurers end up in an implied-vore situation with a dragon...
Anaconda-DavidaBrian Sutton & Shon Howell
Happy Jackal Graphics
December, 1997
Comic BookSmall comic bookelt featuring furry temptresses, a big hungry snake, and in one comic series a naga; lots of vore and implied vore fun.
Anaconda-Davida 2Brian Sutton
Happy Jackal Graphics
Comic BookComic booklet featuring furry temptresses and hungry snakes engaging in vore and implied vore mischief.
Anaconda-Davida 3Brian Sutton
Happy Jackal Graphics
Comic BookComic booklet featuring even more furry temptresses and hungry snakes engaging in vore and implied vore mischief.
Animorphs #11 -The ForgottenK.A. Applegate

October 1997
SoftcoverAnother addition of the five kids and an alien turning into animals and their nemesis, Visser Three, who is much more reliable when it comes to vore scenes. Near the end, V3 morphs into a giant octopus-like creature with a huge mouth for a head and swallows five of the animorphs, four in jaguar form (Tobias in his default hawk form).
Animorphs #20 - The DiscoveryK.A. Applegate

SoftcoverAnother wonderful chapter in the story of five kids and one alien that turn into all sorts of animals... And have plenty of vore experiences in the process. This time, Marco acquires and morphs a cobra. He loses control of the newly-discovered instincts and swallows Ax (currently in spider morph) whole. "Marco! Did you ingest me?!"
Animorphs: Megamorphs 2K.A. Applegate

SoftcoverTobias and Rachel are swallowed alive by a sea going dinosaur, and Rachel has to free them. Meanwhile, Jake is nearly pulled all the way down a T-Rex's throat, but it spits him out.
The Badlands of HarkR.L. Stine

SoftcoverA "Choose your own adventure" style of book, where each page is part of a story, then a series of decisions are presented at the end of the page, each directing you to go to a particular page in the book to continue the story. In this one, you are a character on a distant planet trying to find a lost treasure, while avoiding peril at every turn. There are quite a few endings in which creatures devour you, and the descriptions of your demise are amusing.
Battlestar Galactica: ParadisRichard Hatch
I Books
November, 2004
SoftcoverVolume five of a series, but this one is the only one with vore in it. In the novel, a sea monster swallows people whole. The natives eventually feed the animal some blue pill to kill it, then walk inside its mouth and return with the jewelry of those the beast ate. Then later in the book, a villian dreams he is being digested inside a stomach.
Black EasterJames Blish
Buccaneer Books, Inc.
HardcoverClassic end-of-the-world novel where a man fiddles with black magic and ends up summoning Satan. In one scene, a priest charges Satan in his dragon form head on with a knife. Satan swallows him and says: "Thank you for the sacrifice."
Boa ConstrictorShel Silverstein
Harpercollins Juvenile Books
October, 2002
This is a neat little poem that ends on a funny note about someone being swallowed by a boa constrictor... It can be found in the collection Shel Silverstein Poems and Drawings: Where the Sidewalk Ends/a Light in the Attic/Falling Up.
BoneJeff Smith
Cartoon Books
1996 - 2003
Graphic NovelThe first few volumes contain a pair of "rat creatures" who obsess over how they are going to prepare the main characters for eating. Various characters actually are eaten, at least partially, throughout the series. In the 7th volume, the main character dreams about being eaten by a dragon. In "Stupid Stupid Rat Tails," a companion volume, the main character is eaten by a giant beast, but forces the beast to regurgitate him and several others who were trapped.
Carnal Vores No.7William Levy
Godiva Graphics
Comic BookSmall comic booklet of cannibal women -- all one or two-page comic panels.
Choose Your Own Adventure #1 The Cave of TimeEdward Packard
Bantam Books
SoftcoverChoose your own adventure book where your hurled around through time by going through a cave, at one point, you end up in old Scottland, and if you make the wrong choice, you end up in the Lock Ness Monster's gut. There's a picture to go with it, showing 'you' halfway in it's mouth with a bulge in it throat while it happily smiles around you.
Come See the ThingJack Prelutsky
unknownKind of cool poem with a little vore. It goes:Come see the thing that Dad has caugt-oh, yuck!...don't even bother,it's not as dead as Dad had thought,and we are minus fatherIt has a picture next to it of a big meatball-looking thing with a huge mouth full of sharp teeth. The toothy smile has Dad's legs hanging out!
Dark Horse Monsters #1 - Monster IslandVince Mielcarek
Dark Horse Comics

Comic BookDark Horse Monsters was a one-issue comic put out by Dark Horse Comics, featuring four stories involving, well, monsters. The fourth story in the book, called "Monster Island," had a group of explorers going to a new chain of islands that are filled with monsters. There are two vore scenes here. The first has Dr. Brennan, a blonde female scientist, eaten by a giant worm that comes up from the ground underneath her. The worm has tentacles around its mouth, which grab Brennan and pull her in. The second vore scene has Major Vasquez, brunette female commando, eaten by a giant cyclops. As she and fellow commando Connolly (who looks a lot like Bruce Willis) are about to escape the island by strapping on rocket packs, the cyclops which had earlier crushed their aircraft and stranded them there comes along. It grabs Vasquez and casually pops her into its mouth like a jelly bean. Sadly, we don't get a third vore scene, since Connolly escapes. :(
DarkfallDean R. Koontz

Disturbing novel involving a string of brutal unsolved murders, the Mafia, voodoo, demons, and the poor detective trying to figure out how it all fits together. There's a fairly detailed vore scene towards the end of the book: The evil voodoo priest, having opened the gates of Hell, gets swallowed whole by a wormlike extension of one of the demons he's released.
Day of the DragonstarDavid F. Biscoff
Ace Books
January 1988
SoftcoverThis sci-fi novel takes place in what might be the present/future, where a politically unstable world (our own) encounters something of the race that may have put the seeds of life on it. A massive spacecraft, filled with a lush jungle, where dinosaurs still live, and a race of intelligent anthromorphic saurians who seem to be a halfway step between humans and the various reptillian races that once inhabitied the earth. Throughout the book, there are several cases of hard and semi hard vore, especially with a T-rex and some raptors, where the inhabitants of the jungle find that humans sent to study them are a tasty and easy to catch meal, even if they have guns.
DeathbeastDavid Gerrold
Popular Library
SoftcoverTime-travelling hunters go back to the Jurassic age to hunt a rogue dinosaur, but they end up being the hunted. Lots of rip-n-tear hard vore, swallowing, etc.
Dragonlance 5th Age: The Dawning of a New AgeSean Rabe

SoftcoverThis is the first book in a series of three, about how Krynn (the DragonLance world) develops after the gods have left it. One of the main nemesises is a gigantic red dragon, with a length of about 400 feet, and she's introduced with what's perhaps one of the most blatant macro/vore scenes to be found in Fantasy literature: The book goes into detail describing her attack on a couple of villages, including how she herds villagers together and slurps them up, swallowing them down alive and feeling their struggles as they go down her throat. She's in the other two books as well, but there's no vore to speak of in those.
Extinction Event #3Robert Weinberg
Wildstorm Division of DC Comics
Comic BookThis is a mini series in the flavor of Jurassic Park with many of the same key players (on the dinosaur side) An earthquake has revealed an ancient technologically advanced civilization of telepathic dinosaurs that had put themselves into suspended animation, mainly raptors and T. rexes, just before the asteroid hit. Unknown to the army and the civilians that discovered them the quake has started the process of waking them up, and the moment the do they immediately set about retaking the earth from the "soft ones" by taking over their minds and eating them. The raptors ride on the backs of the T. Rexes. There are two scenes where people's legs are seen in the open mouths of the larger dinos. The raptors are very messy (read bloody) about it except when people are bitten in half by the larger dinos as they advance on Amarillo, Texas. The last scene in issue #4 shows the advancing army of dinos about to be straffed by what look like Aurora class fighters.
FireflyPiers Anthony
March 1992
SoftcoverFrom Amazon.com: Using the same Florida setting as his horror novel Shade of the Tree, Anthony here conjures up a nightmarish creature who stalks humans through sexual attraction and leaves them grotesquely sucked dry of their protoplasm. When bodies reduced to skin and skeleton are found on a remote wildlife sanctuary, the reclusive owner of the estate refuses to call in outside help to track down the killer. His employees are left to fend for themselves against the menace of a predator who lures them in the way a firefly traps its prey--by emitting pheromones, powerfully sexual chemicals--and uses digestive acids to dissolve the bodies of its victims. (Reader comment: Very Erotic, Sort of a Blob theme)
Forgotten Realms: CormyrEd Greenwood and Jeff Grubb
TSR, Inc.
Fantasy adventure novel set in the typical Advanced Dungeons and Dragons scenario. There's a scene in the early chapters of the book with a very detailed description of some hard vore with a dragon devouring buffalo, with attention given to how the lump formed by prey being devoured moves visibly down the dragon's throat.
Frogs of WarAndrew Harman
Trafalgar Square
May 2000
SoftcoverA mad scientist tries to take over the world with giant frogs. Two short swallowing scenes with frogs as predator and another one of a crocodile like monster eating a human.
GargantuaK. Robert Andreassi, based on the screenplay by Ronald Parker
SoftcoverNovel based on the 1998 made-for-TV movie of the same name. The plot deals with several giant lizardlike sea creatures appearing near a small island. Not normally vicious, they can turn mean if provoked. Towards the end of the book, Kikko, who is one of the villain's (Derek) henchmen, tries to kill one of the younger animals, but then gets eaten by the big male. Moderately detailed vore.
Geis of The GargoylePiers Anthony

HardcoverDemoness Mentia turns herself into a fig and gets fed to a figgle. "But you know what you got ME into? Worm intestines. They were interesting. I've never been digested before."
Ghosts of Fear Street #8 - The OozeR. L. Stine
Minstrel Books
SoftcoverA boy named Al accidentally creates a ravenous orange blob with his chemistry set. It turns out to really be an alien, who absorbs knowledge by engulfing victims. It engulfs a cat, a dog, and later Al himself, but spits them all back out once it has taken their intelligence.
Goosebumps #55 The Blob That Ate EveryoneR.L. Stine

SoftcoverA giant blob eats everyone, duh (or a few people, anyway). Moderately detailed vore, and interesting cover illustration.
Goosebumps #8 - The Girl Who Cried MonsterR. L. Stine
Apple Fiction / Scholastic
SoftcoverA girl named Lucy discovers that the town librarian, Mr. Mortman, is really a monster in human form. Plenty of vore scenes. Mr. Mortman eats flies, moths, a turtle, and several fish throughout the story. It is even implied that he plots to eat Lucy when she discovers his secret. At the end of the story, Lucy's parents turn out to be monsters themselves, and eat Mr. Mortman.
Goosebumps Presents - The Girl Who Cried Monster, TV Episode #1Megan Stine, Charles Lazer, R. L. Stine
Apple Fiction / Scholastic
SoftcoverFrom the Goosebumps TV series, adapted by Megan Stine, from the screenplay by Charles Lazer which is itself based on R. L. Stine's book of the same name. Pretty much the same as the original, except less vore scenes. Here, Mr. Mortman only eats some crickets and a tarantula. He still gets eaten in the end by Lucy's parents, though.
Grey MatterStephen King

SoftcoverAn alcoholic, Richie Grenadine, drinks beer contaminated by some kind of exotic bacteria, which causes him to gradually mutate into a slimy, grey bloblike creature. He eats a dead cat and since the narrator mentions that three local people have gone missing, he and his friends Henry and Bertie assume they too were devoured by the Richie-Thing. They then make it their mission to stop the monster. This story is available in the anthology book 'Night Shift.'
ImajicaClive Barker
Harper Collins Publishers
Book on Tape
Contains a scene where, while in the throws of passionate sex, the male swallows his partner up to her neck.
Jabba The Hutt - The Art of The DealJim Woodring
Dark Horse Comics
Graphic NovelCollection of comic stories featuring Jabba The Hutt. In the third tale, "The Dynasty Trap," Jabba becomes involved in a web of treachery when he goes to visit is 'old friend' Cabrool Nuum. Two scenes of vore. When Jabba refuses to help Nuum's son, Rusk, kill their family's rival Vu Chusker, Rusk locks him in the palace dungeon. There Jabba is confronted by some giant spiders, which he eats. Later, after being set free to kill Rusk by Rusk's own sister, Norba, Jabba is doublecrossed by her. He makes short work of Norba by gobbling her up.
JawsPeter Benchley

The classic story of a great white shark terrorizing innocent beach-goers... and having many of them for a midnight snack!
Jurassic ParkMichael Crichton
November 1990
Book on Tape
An astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Creatures once extinct now roam Jurassic Park, soon-to-be opened as a theme park. Until something goes wrong...and science proves a dangerous toy.... "Wonderful...Powerful." THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD this book contains a lot of vore. Much more then any of the 3 movies did. A noteworthy scene, Nedry is made a meal of by the spitting dinosaur. Though it isn't shown in detail, the scene ends when he realizes that his head is in the dino's jaws
Jurrasic Park: The Lost WorldMichael Crichton
Ballantine Books
October 1996
Book on Tape
The sequel to Jurassic Park, many vore scenes like the original.
King Kong #2 - Kong's IslandDon Simpson, based on an idea by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace)
Monster Comics
Comic BookNot based on the 1933 classic, despite the title. Don Simpson couldn't get the rights to the movie from Ted Turner, so he bought the rights to the original story from a relative of Merian C. Cooper's, which is pretty much the same as the movie, sans a few scenes. In this issue, there are two scenes of vore, both of the bite-and-crunch variety. While crossing a lake on a raft, the men are attacked by an unusually carnivorous Brontosaurus (technically an Apatosaurus), which overturns the raft and eats one man head-first in the water. As everyone else struggles for shore, it chases a second man up a tree and then eats him, too. Both scenes depict the men being crunched quite graphically in the dinosaur's jaws.
King Kong #3 - Death in Devil's Chasm!Don Simpson, based on an idea by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace
Monster Comics
Comic BookThird issue of the six issue series. Here, a number of men shaken from a log bridge by the giant gorilla known as Kong fall down into a chasm, where they become stuck in a giant spider's web and are eaten alive by a swarm of equally giant spiders. (Note: This scene was cut from the 1933 film because it was deemed too horrific and shocking by audiences at the time)
King Kong #5 - The Wrath of Kong!Don Simpson, based on an idea by Merian C. Cooper and Edgar Wallace
Monster Comics
Comic BookKong and several dinosaurs attack the native village, and several native warriors get munched by the giant gorilla.
Love, Death & MoneyBrian Sutton & Shon Howell
Radio Comix
February 1998
Comic BookCute little vore story that appeared in Furrlough #62. A bunny morph and her prisioner are making their way through the woods, when a dragon devours the bunny captor.
Love, Death & Money Part 2Brian Sutton & Shon Howell
Radio Comix
March 1998
Comic BookContinuation of a vore comic bit appearing in Furrlough #63 (part one is in Furrlough #62.) Our adventurer and captor continue their confrontation with the dragon (which turns out to be a dragon/snake hybrid), with a sloppy ending...
MegSteve Alten
First of three in the "Meg" series. Story about a sixty-foot Jurrasic-age Megladon (giant shark), that wrecks havoc on the California coast. Has a great scene where the main character is swallowed alive, and struggles inside the shark's belly trying to escape -- surrounded by his half-digested friends who were eaten before him.
Men In Black: The Green Saliva BluesDean Wesley Smith
Bantam Books
SoftcoverAlien fruit trees devour humans through their roots, dragging their victims underground to be digested after their tentacle-like roots tear the poor people apart.
PhantomsDean R. Koontz

Two sisters return to their town to discover that everyone is either dead or missing. They soon join the police and the military in trying to figure out what has happened, ultimately learning it's the work of a gigantic, shapeshifting, sentient glob known as the Ancient Enemy. Numerous vore scenes involving the Ancient Enemy devouring its victims by engulfing them into its gelatinous mass.
Primal Rage: The AvatarsJohn Vornholt
Atari Games Corporation
SoftcoverIn a storyline based on the popular video game Primal Rage, there are a few scenes of vore, including one where the evil t-rex devours the human followers of one of its rivals, and the bones of the digested humans slide out between the t-rex's ribs and form zombies.
RaptorPaul Zindel

July 1999
There are quite a few utahraptors in the book that are ravenously hungry for anything they can get their claws on, which happens to be a donkey and a couple foolish humans. Exclusively hard vore with EXCESSIVE gore.
Collected Short Stories of Roald DahlRoald Dahl
Penguin Books, USA
HardcoverIn the short story "Georgy Porgy" contained in this collection, a man with phobia of being swallowed by women imagines in vivid detail that he is being consumed when first kissed by a woman, including a trip through her digestive system.
Roc and a Hard PlacePiers Anthony

HardcoverThere is a demon named Vore in this lovely Xanth novel. It is implied that he ate another demon (but they're immortal) and thinks briefly about eating another character in the course of the story. Also interesting, some of the demon's name's spell out words by adding 'D' for 'Demon' as a sort of title. That makes him D. Vore. Kind of sounds like Devour, perhaps?
Santa Steps OutDevereaux, Robert

ISBN: 0843947810
A highly erotic fantasy by the 'splatterpunk' leader Robert Dev. Basically it's about Santa's affair with the Tooth Fairy for over twenty years, and triggers a series of ribald adventures among other mythical characters. The Easter Bunny, a voyeur extraordinaire, joins in the fun, revealing Santa's affair to Anya, Santa's wife. Betrayed by the man she loves, she in turn services Santa's elves. Santa's sexual odyssey eventually enfolds Rachel, now grown, as he falls in love with her and brings her back to the North Pole. The tooth fairy isn't happy and there, near the middle of the book is a vore scene of the Tooth fairy eating Rachel and feeling her being digested, it's fairly detailed.
Sea killersJim Wyckoff
Kensington Publishing Corp.
SoftcoverCollection of short stories with occasional black & white photos of sea beasts. Some of the stories contain detailed descriptions of divers being engulfed whole by giant groupers; Orca attacks on sea vessles, where all of the crew members were devoured; etc.
Star DiariesStanislaw Lem
Harvest Books
August, 1985
SoftcoverThere's a story that's a hunting tale in which hunters go after a species of colossal beasts. The hunting method allowed by law is that the hunter sprinkles himself with spices and hopes that one of the beasts will swallow him whole. He then places a bomb in the animal's stomach and brushes off the herbs, under which he's coated with a powerful purgative. After the hunter...leaves...the animal, boom! He has his kill. Of course sometimes things go wrong, so there's a certain mortality among the hunters as well.
The CrateStephen King

unknownWell-written short story about an old crate from an arctic expedition in 1834 that is discovered on the campus of Horlicks University. The crate turns out to contain a vicious, man-eating monster. The actual vore is mostly only implied, but the death scenes are violent and bloody. This story was originally only published in a few magazines and was never published in any of Stephen King's anthology books like 'Skeleton Crew' or 'Night Shift,' although it has since been published in a horror anthology book called 'Great Tales of Horror and The Supernatural,' and there are a couple of online versions as well. It was adapted into a live-action version for the movie 'Creepshow' in 1982 and into comic form for the graphic novel of the same name the same year.
The Cursed ExpeditionStephen King

unknownShort story involving two men, Jimmy Keller and Hugh Bullford, who undertake an expedition to Venus. The surface of the planet turns out to be alive and eats Jimmy during the night. Hugh escapes into their ship, but before he can take off the soil comes alive and engulfs the craft, swallowing it and Hugh whole.
The Magician's RingCarol Gaskin. Illustrated by T. Alexander Price

SoftcoverIn this 'Choose your own adventure' book, one of your untimely demises includes an illustrated picture of your character falling into the waiting jaws of a little dragon.
The OathFrank E. Peretti

An evil dragon is on the loose Hyde River; big, bad, camouflaged, and eating whoever it chooses while they're still alive. Though the majority is implied, the main character witnesses two people eaten in what could be considered soft vore near the end. The entire book is somewhat gentle about bloodiness.
The Tick - Raw, Uncooked Justice!Dwayne McDuffie
After Rome fell
Comic BookNeil turns into a Dinosaur. The Tick & Arthur are eaten and find themselves in Neil's stomach, along with most of the city. They are later thrown up.
The War of the WizardsCarol Gaskin

unknownIn this 'Choose your own adventure' book, you just can't seem to catch a break. One of your demises ends with "That's when you look behind you into the gaping jaws of a giant snake."
Zork #3: The Cavern of DoomS. Eric Meretzky
Tom Doherty Associates
SoftcoverLike many of the Zork Choose Your Own Adventure Books, a good number of the paths in this book have you ending up in somethings belly. In this one, there is a scene where two children have a cave path they can follow... A Dirty, torn up, dangerous path or a Clean, Smooth, and easy path. If you choose the clean path, you notice the odd white stalagtites and Stalagmites framing each side of the cave. It's then they realize... it's a giant mouth they are in! Frantically, they head back towards the entrance while the rigid roof above them slowly closes, sealing them inside. The scene finishes with a dragon standing up from the cliff face, a content burp ringing out. There's also various other scenes involving the adventurers being devoured, from everything from plants to monsters with sharp rending teeth.

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