Decoding A VORE-CODE With A Hyperlink

Note: the examples on this page are very long, be sure to scroll your web browser left-to-right to see the whole thing! I made them long to avoid confusion on the construction of the actual HTML code.

So you want to include your VORE-CODE in a web page, or in your description on Yum-Chat? Here's a way to make a hyperlink that will decode your VORE-CODE for a viewer automatically, in a new browser window...

We have provided a handy-dandy CGI program to do the decoding for you, which makes the above possible - and without JavaScript or other messy hacks. The CGI program is located at:

To set up your own link, you will want some HTML code that looks something like this (replace the X's with your own personal VORE-CODE -- the number of characters doesn't matter):

< A HREF="" target=_new > XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX </A >

Now check the link to make sure it works for you, and be sure that the syntax of your VORE-CODE is correct. If you don't want the VORE-CODE to be decoded in a new web browser window, remove the target=_new from the link.

A link with Digit's VORE-CODE looks like this:

< A HREF="" target="_new" > VC_L_N_A_B_N_XY_25_F+_P_NB_MF_MF_V++_S_WPSB_CN_Y_SX_S-W-NA-B+_W </A >


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